Thursday, 22 November 2018

Why it's Important to take a "Digital Detox."

Hey lovelies! If any of you are bloggers too, it's safe to say technology has a huge influence in our lives (even more that most people) and sometimes we don't realise the importance of taking a break. 

With technology now such a necessity in daily life (keeping up with social media, tweeting your latest blog post and replying to DM's...) we're so reliant on it. It's advanced so quickly in the last 10 years that if you left the house in the morning and left your phone behind, it would probably make your day a whole lot more difficult. Not to mention that 'attachment' we all have to it. This is why though, it's important to take a 'Digital Detox' not only for your overall health but so you can enjoy living life in reality and make memories with friends and family that aren't just through a screen. 

No Phones Allowed At Bedtime
When it comes to bedtime, it should be a space to wind down to drift off to sleep. Therefore, having your phone or laptop in bed with you isn’t going to help your brain switch off. If anything it’s going to make it more difficult for you to get to sleep. Try leaving your phone alone when you get into bed and any laptop or tablet time could be done in your office of living room instead to avoid getting into a habit of it.
Phones are now so advanced that they can track or limit the amount of time spent on the device so if it’s possible, simply download an app and use your phone against you when taking a digital detox.

Have A Day Or Two Of Not Using Your Computer

Electronic radiation is a thing, and it’s only becoming more of a concern from the amount of time we all spend using technology. How to protect yourself from it?  Well, it can be significantly reduced by not using your computer for a day or two at a time and even if this sounds small it will also give your eyes a rest from too much time spent staring at a screen.

Limit Your Social Media Accounts

If cutting yourself off completely to your technology is impossible (trust me as a Blogger I get it!) then start with spending less time or limiting the hours on your social media accounts. Time spent on social media is probably one of the most significant uses for our phones and other devices, so having short set times to check them each day instead is going to stop you from wasting precious time you could be spending with family or friends.
Challenge yourself by seeing how long you can go without social media, the longer you go, the better, and by challenging yourself, it will motivate you to hold out.

Reflecting On How Much You Use Your Phone

A digital detox can also be a time for you to reflect on how much you use technology and the internet in your life. Look at what you use most and question how much value it holds in your life. There are certain things I know I love and couldn't skip a day without on social media for example but also a lot of wasted time scrolling through posts that only ends up damaging my self-worth and happiness. The internet and technology, in general, is a wonderful thing, but it can end up hindering our lives by taking too much of our time.

Technology is not going anywhere soon, but if you can pull yourself away from it every so often, it can reset your batteries and give you a fresh outlook on reality. And that’s something that’s extremely important as it can be very easy to get lost in the digital way of life.  I challenge you to try it, and see the difference it can make!



  1. Great advice, sometimes we don't actually realise how often we're on our phones or computers, especially if your job involves being on a computer all day too! I try and make sure I don't use any technology before bed, it is difficult sometimes though I must admit!

    Chloe xx

    1. Definitely! Being a blogger means it's almost an obligation x

  2. Some great ideas to try out when going on as digital d detox. I am struggling with keeping my phone out of my bedroom, but something I am really working on. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is really tricky - I am trying so hard to limit myself but seem to be failing. Just so much to do all of the time!

    Lola Mia x

  4. When you're trying to grow your blog and following, it's harder than ever to step away from social media. It's definitely been a big struggle for me, but you're right in that making an effort to step away is just as important. Thanks!

  5. Seriously love your blog and the colour theme. Great post. So agree, sometimes we forget to live in the real world and not from our phones

    Asha xo Age of Youth

  6. I couldn't agree more! I've been so active online lately it kind of makes me lose sense of myself and rely too much on others' expectations of me.

    Giulia x


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