Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Life Lately // GCSE Mocks, Stress, and Blogging Updates

Hey lovelies. I don't remember the last time I did a chatty 'catch-up' style post and right now, when everything feels so stressful and hectic...I think it's definitely needed. A lot has happened since September started, with beginning 'THE GCSE YEAR,' as well as a few months of feeling really low, unmotivated and lost. Hopefully though, this month should be a turning point for me with all the exciting things I have planned, but let's catch up with what I've missed.

 School and GCSE Mocks

As I sit here writing this, the amount of work I should be doing is crazy. Even if most of you are past all of this now, I'm sure you remember how scary it feels. I have my first set of Mocks in two weeks as well as a French Aural Exam coming up and my weekends are so taken up by it now they feel just like another day of school. Obviously there's pressure to revise and work hard (which I force myself to do) but it's getting harder and harder to drag myself through the week knowing I've got nothing but the same tiredness to look forward to at the weekend. 

If any of you have any advice or tips on revising for Mocks, they would be much appreciated? I know it's all about the mindset and that's hopefully what I plan to change this month - still working hard, but trying to make sure I don't get overwhelmed and have time to relax. That said though, I'm still nervous as heck for my Mocks.

Neglecting Blogging 

I did say that when Year 11 hit, I would have to put Blogging to the side more (as much as I hated to do so) and I hope that explains why posts have been less frequent on Just Morgs. I got myself into a habit of just churning out posts as quick as I could with this pressure in my mind of 'WEDNESDAY DEADLINE' and the fact I must put a post up each week and that's when I realised why it began to feel like a chore. It won't be for long but in the next few weeks I won't be posting because my Mocks and revision will have to be a priority sadly...but in this time I'll also pre-write December posts and festive recipes ready for the Christmas season when my Exams are over. Exciting!

Christmas Plans 

Is it to early to be feeling festive? As soon as Halloween is over, I instantly go into Christmas-Mode and I'm so excited for the things coming up. Next month, I hope to plan an Xmas giveaway for you guys, a Bloggers Christmas Cards swap on twitter (keep a eye out for a tweet soon!) and tons of Festive posts. Are any of you guys doing #Blogmas by the way? I can barely manage weekly posts aha so I won't but good luck to any of you who are.
In terms of family, this year I'll be spending most of the Christmas period in Dorset with family, all 20+ of us are renting out a massive cottage for the week and it's going to be such a sweet Christmas this year. What are your plans?

 I launched an Instagram for Just Morgs!

Something new that only happened a few days ago is I launched an official instagram for Just Morgs: @justmorgsfit. It's been a long while coming but I'm so glad I finally did it, the account will be a bit different to what I usually share on here with honest fitness updates, everyday recipes that don't get featured on my blog, and just sharing more of my life with you. Since it's very new, we're still building a following on it but you can click here to follow the new account, I would really appreciate it! This means even though I'm taking a few week's break from blogging you'll still be able to catch up with me on there and my DM's are always open. 




  1. Good luck with your GCSE year! I would say when it comes to revising for mocks, don't stress too much as it isn't the real thing, and because you don't have as much time to prepare as with the real GCSEs, I would say just focus on what you find the most difficult, because that will help you out the most! I am loving your new Instagram too x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. Good luck with your GCSEs, I've just finished my junior cert which is I think the Irish equivalent and you'll get through it! Just followed your instagram too :)

  3. Ah I've recently been there. I feel your pain. Goodluck!

  4. Ahhhh good luck with everything! And I'm definitely not doing blogmas haha. Also just followed the insta!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl


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