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Balancing Physical Health and Mental Wellness // Long-Term Goals

Hey lovelies! The biggest challenge people face when it comes to health is actually maintaining that lifestyle because being healthy is never just down to one thing. Many of us have tried a healthy diet for a few weeks, swapped out lunch for a salad every day and locked away all the sweet treats in the house...before slipping back into old habits. That's because you need to think about your long-term goals. There's never one answer to becoming healthy - no fad diets or cheat ways sorry - but maintaining physical and mental wellness in the long-term, that's what's important. Balancing these two alongside each other can often be difficult but here are some suggestions to help you out.

Maintain a proper sleeping pattern.

The first goal you should set yourself is to maintain a proper sleeping pattern. If you’re going to maintain your physical and mental wellness then start right at the beginning and prioritise a good night’s sleep. Many of us are guilty of denying our bodies rest in society now. We’re all told that you can cure tiredness with a cup of coffee, but that just isn’t true. For those of you with hectic lifestyles and busy work days, Caffeine might mask the problem but it doesn't solve it. Not only does sleep deprivation leave you feeling super sluggish and low, but in terms of Physical Health not getting enough rest can slow your metabolism leading to weight gain, weaken your immune system and slow your muscle repair. So this means even if you're eating healthily and exercising every day you'll only be ruining all that effort! Make sure to get (as difficult as it may be) roughly 8 hours of sleep each night, and the difference it will make to your physical and mental health will be so worth it.

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve been told to get enough rest every night, but the quality of you sleep is vital too. 8 hours of rest in an uncomfortable position on an armchair, for example, isn’t going to leave you feeling as healthy and energetic as 8 hours of rest on your soft bed matress. Sleeping well is all about allowing your body to recharge, and that can’t happen if you’re not fully relaxed. I only recently found out there are different stages to your sleep pattern and your goal is to stay as long as possible in the 'deep sleep' stage. Another tip is to have your room cold because this helps your body to balance it's internal temperature before sleeping.

Have a balanced diet and nutritious meals.

The key to eating healthily in the long-term is to follow a diet containing balanced and nutritious meals. Many trendy “detox” diets aren’t nutritional at all (I wrote a full post researching some of these here!) . That’s why people try them, lose weight quickly, and then end up craving the food they’re missing. As a result, they binge-eat and end up back at square one and overall it can be really damaging for your mental health and relationship with food. You need to make sure your meals are filling and nutritional, replacing empty calories with healthy ones so you're filling up your body with the right kind of fuel. You'll also notice a huge difference with your skin and overall mood when eating well.

And we’re not just talking about the need to exercise, sleep well, and so on. Lots of people have trouble with their digestive system and can react badly to acidic food, or have intolerances to dairy, wheat. and so on. If your body still doesn’t feel healthy or comfortable even with a better diet then you might want to check out solutions for IBS.

Keep your body moving on a regular basis.

As much as I love it, exercise can often be boring. Let’s not pretend otherwise. But that’s because most of us end up trying out types of physical activity which just aren’t right for us. Some people (like me) love the gym. They’ll go nearly every day because they find it rewarding to run on the treadmills or lift weights, but for others even the word "GYM" is scary or unmotivating. Does that mean exercise isn’t for everyone? No. It just means you need to find a physical activity that works for you. Maybe it is the gym, or maybe it isn’t. The goal is to find a way to keep your body moving on a regular basis. That’s the only thing that matters.

Maybe you prefer a pleasant jog in your local park then running on the treadmill in a gym, for example, or even daily walks as an excuse to get some fresh air from working. Even when I'm not doing anything intensive in terms of exercise I love to use a running app to track my daily steps, and that way you can set yourself goals and see your progress. And if you're more into social things, joing clubs or classes with friends. If you can make exercise fun in some way you'll find it so much easier to maintain physical and mental wellness and stick to those Long-Term goals.

Cherish your friendships.

Most of the tips in this post have involved the standard pieces of advice people give to looking after your body. However, one of the best ways to improve your mental health (and your physical health, as a result) is to cherish your friendships. In other words, try to stay socially active. Studies have shown that isolation can actually shorten your lifespan, and you should make effort to meet new people and make time for old friends too. It makes sense that socialising keeps us healthy. Even the simple act of laughing has been shown to have immense benefits for our physical health as well as our mental health. And if you’re ever having any problems with your wellbeing then a support network of family and friends can help to keep you level too.

Mine's yoga :( I get too impatient and can't stand it! 



  1. Makes sense what you wrote here! Fortunately, it looks like as I follow already everything :)
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