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Meet The Blogger // GlowSteady

Hey lovelies! Back with another 'Meet the Blogger' post and this week's post features one of my favourite blogging gals I discovered this year: Sophie from GlowSteady. 

Sophie is a '23 year old skincare loving, plant based eater from North East England,' and with our shared love of food, baking and healthy-eating her blog soon became one of my favourites. She creates a range of beauty and recipe posts, with some lifestyle thrown in there too and has a big following on her Instagram which is like a gallery of all her delicious Vegan recipes. As well as this, Sophie is such a lovely, down-to-earth person and I couldn't wait to interview her as part of the series. Don't forget you can catch up with my last Meet The Blogger Post with Simple Jadey here if you haven't already!

1.  How did you first get into Blogging and when did you start?

- I’d been thinking about it for a really long time. I don’t know what sparked the initial idea but I actually bought my domain 9 months before I published my first post (crazy, and such a waste of money). But as soon as I got the idea and knew what I wanted to call it, I had to have it. I have super sensitive skin and because of that I always spent a lot of time researching products and ingredients. I was always the one my friends would come to for product recommendations and advice, I think that’s probably where it started. My blog turns one on the 13th. That’s a year from my first post, not the premature domain purchase.

2. Your blog is filled with amazing recipes and food posts, where do you get the inspiration for this?

- Recipes for me started as a challenge. When I first switched to a vegan diet I had a lot of people tell me how boring my food must be and how I must eat the same things all the time and I wanted to prove them wrong. I try not to eat the same evening meal more than once a month, so I have to keep coming up with new things to facilitate that. Sometimes inspiration will come from another recipe and I’ll try to make a vegan version of it. Or sometimes I’ll see a recipe with one ingredient and it inspires me to use that grain or vegetable but do something else with it. And to be honest, sometimes I look at what I have in my fridge and get creative. A few of my favourite meals have been complete accidents. 

3. What do you love more about the Blogging Community?

- I love the blogging community! I think it’s so supportive and uplifting, at least the side of it I see is. I think it’s really great that it introduces you to so many different people that you would never meet in everyday life but you all have this one thing in common.

4. How do you manage your personal life and blogging? Have you ever felt the need to hide your blog?

- Yes and no. I’d told a few people that I was thinking about starting one long before I actually did so when I did finally start one they weren’t shocked. A few of my friends somehow found my first post within a few days of me posting it (HOW??) so I wouldn’t have been able to keep that a secret even if I’d wanted to. I waited a few months to tell some people but I was never actively hiding it from them. As for juggling a social life, I do find that tough sometimes. I basically hibernated in my house for a month in May when I was doing Recipe A Day May...

5. What has been your biggest achievement in your Blogging Journey so far?

- That’s a tough one! I was really proud of myself when I completed Recipe A Day May, that challenge was difficult to keep up with. That gave me my best month for views too, so completing May in general felt like a great achievement at the time. But I feel more like I’ve achieved something when I get really positive engagement in my comments. The post I’m most proud of is my ‘This Month I want to get serious about female health’ post and the fact that started a genuine conversation made me feel like I’d achieved something.

6. What is the most-read post on your blog and why do you think this is?

- My most read post is my Revolution Pro Foundation Drops Review and honestly I think I just chose the right product at the right time. I reviewed it when everyone was talking about their Fast Base Foundation Stick and there weren’t that many reviews of the drops out there and mine ended up being one of the top results when you search for it. I got really lucky.

7. Favourite Social Media, and why?

- Twitter by a mile. There’s a real community on Twitter, people play less games than they do on Instagram and I find it a much more positive place. It’s always the first app I open on my phone if I’m scrolling.

8. What do you think is one common misconecption about Bloggers?

- That it’s really easy. Blogging is like a million jobs in one and I don’t think people realise how much effort goes in behind the scenes sometimes and how hard it is to be good at all of those things. From being your own  writer, photographer, editing, promotion as well as the more business side of things dealing with PRs and planning collabs etc. I also think a lot of people think you just get sent stuff all the time without putting in any effort which blows my mind.

9. What would be your dream brand to work with, and why?

- That’s a hard one! There are so many companies that it would be a dream to work with. Because I do posts that cover a couple of different niches I find it hard to narrow it down and focus on one thing. In that sense, I think a company like Planet Organic would be amazing because that covers all of my areas from food & health to beauty products too.

10. What are your plans for 'Glow Steady' in the future? Where do you see your blog this time next year?

- As I’m just turning 1, thinking a whole year ahead is a little scary. It’s basic, but my main goal is just to continue to grow. In terms of content related goals, as of right now, I’d like to build my This Month series and try more products to feature in that. I currently post three times a week and I’d like that to continue. I’d really like to mix up my food related content too. I have a lot of ideas for potential recipe series that I’m thinking about. I’m getting a little bored of just posting random recipes. That probably sounds daft but I want them to have more of a theme behind them. I’ve started planning a vegan Christmas series which will be my first step into trying that out. I will be doing Recipe A Day May again next year for sure (I’ve publicly committed myself to that now). That’s about as far as my planning goes at the moment           😂

Hope you enjoyed the second instalment in my 'Meet the Blogger' series and feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below of bloggers you'd like to see interviewed next!



  1. Great post dear! Have a wonderful day!

    Vildana from Living Like V

  2. Thanks again for featuring me! I forgot how rambley some of my answers were...oops 😂. I'm looking forward to seeing who you feature next x


    1. No they were so perfect! Pleasure to interview you Sophie x

  3. Sophie is one of my favourite bloggers so i looveddd this and getting to know her a lil bit more!

    Ellie //

    1. Same her blog is just stunning right? x

  4. This is wonderfil idea for a series. I've just discovered Sophie's blog and have been enjoying all her healthy recipes recently.

    Roxie |

  5. Aw I love Sophie and her blog and it was so interesting to get to know her a little better through this interview! Twitter is my favourite social media too and I'm not even vegan and love all of her recipes so she's definitely beat that challenge!

    Soph - x

    1. Me too, her recipes are great for all diets and lifestyles x

  6. I absolutely love Sophie's blog!

    Louisa |

  7. Love getting to know more about the blogger behind the blog haha, so this series is great! you asked some great questions too. Thanks for sharing xx

  8. Really interesting to read about other bloggers, can post :) x

  9. Sophie is such a sweetheart! It's always interesting to see where bloggers started off and it's amazing when they grow with the blog (as they should). Twitter is an amazing platform for promotion! Blogging is definitely not easy. Don't knock it til it's tried out. Thanks for sharing these facts!

    Nancy ♥

    1. I know, she's such a lovely blogger and person! xx

  10. Really enjoyed this, great to hear about a fellow north east blogger - love these kind of posts!

    1. So glad you enjoyed! Busy writing the next one x

  11. Such a good interview! I bloody love Sophie, her blog is fantastic and definitely always makes me hungry!



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