Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Purition Natural Protein Powders // Review!

Hey lovelies. So if you know me, you'll know I'm very into exercise and nutrition but there's something about protein powders that always scared me a bit!

Even though I've heard they're great for exercise and workouts, I'd see the words 'meal-replacements' and 'muscle gain' online and panic, and I guess it's just that feeling of not knowing what's in these powders that used to put me off. However when the brand Purition* very kindly sent me over their Discovery Box, filled with 6 different Vegan flavours to try, I decided to give them a go. Purition is a 100% natural brand and unlike most Protein Powders theirs are made mainly from hemp protein and not filled with any of those powdered milk, sugars and chemical nasties like lots of 'health drinks' out there. As a complete newbie to Protein Powders, here's my honest review on these Purition Powders. From how they blend, to how they taste and whether they're actually worth the fitness hype, I hope you enjoy!

The flavours I was sent were:


A Discovery Box like this costs £12.99, also coming with free UK delivery and is the perfect way to try out a brand without diving straight in with a large 500g Bag. The first thing I checked was the ingredients list on the back and I was pleasantly surprised to see a super short list. The shake is full of genuine ingredients, free from cheap fillers, artificial flavouring (and those kinds of ingredients you can't even pronounce!) So this 100% put me more at ease when trying them out.


The instructions that came with the shakes was that they should be blended up with a milk of your choice (for me I used almond milk) and then enjoyed as a breakfast or pre/post workout snack. It also notes that if left for a few hours the shake with actually become like a porridge thanks to all the fibre which I found really interesting and I'll definitely be trying that next. 

If you're used to normal protein shakes, the texture and flavour of these may come as a bit of a surprise to you. Once blended, all the hemp protein and fibre left my shake with a naturally unsmooth and 'bitty' texture which I wasn't sure of at first but looking back I now think of it as more of a good thing. If you can dissolve something completely then I guess it only shows there's not a whole lot of natural goodness in there and instead it's mainly with artificial ingredients! As for the flavour I tried in this post (Blackcurrant) I loved the gorgeous purple colour of it once blended, and you can see me pouring it out above. 

This was the first Powder I tried and although I can't fault it, I'm one of those people who just gets bored of a standard vanilla flavour. Instead, I ended up mixing mine with other ingredients in a blender like banana, cacoa powder and oats and it made for a deliciously creamy post-workout smoothie. 

If you're looking to try out just one of these flavours from Purition, this is definitely the one I'd recommend most! Rich, chocolatey and packed with goodness, this was delicious and while I used it simply in a shake, it would even be great for incorporating into healthy baking recipes and other food. I'm a huge chocolate lover so it's no surprise this was a hit. 

Despite the bright purple colour of it which got me so excited at first, I wasn't as big a fan of this flavour. For a subtle taste it's lovely, but in the morning I'm always craving a burst of sweetness or berries and this just wasn't strong enough for me and I ended up giving it to my mum. Next time I'd probably add the powder to a smoothie bowl with frozen berries and banana for a creamier taste. 

This is a flavour you'll always see as a Protein Powder staple and if I'm honest I've always thought it tastes super artificial and sickly in any food (yep, that includes ice-cream!) but I actually loved this. Sweet, light and delicious when mixed with oats and yogurt which I had for breakfast one day. If you're used to normal commercial protein powders, the flavour may come across a lot more subtle but it was perfect for me. 

This was my least favourite of the flavours, but only because (as you can imagine) it was the most basic of powders and so didn't taste of anything. Disguised in protein pancakes, a baking recipe or smoothie bowl it would be a great way to up your protein for the day, but by itself I can't say I was much of a fan. 

Mmm this tasted as good as it sounds! A Coffee and Walnut shake for breakfast was the perfect autumnal drink and if you're an ice-coffee lover I'd say this definitely reminded me of that. Would love to buy a full 500g bag of this in the future. 

Overall I loved trying out the Purition Natural Protein Powders, and knowing they were all-natural made it all the better. If you're used to normal commercial protein powders they make take some getting used to, the bitty texture wasn't my favourite but I loved the more subtle taste of the protein shakes compared to those that are overly creamy and sickly-sweet. After trying these out I also can't wait to incorporate Protein powders into my weekly recipes like overnight-oats, pancakes.or imagine brownies with that delicious 'Hemp Chocolate' flavour...mmm! To view the full range on the Purition website feel free to click here (I'm pretty sure they now have a Pumpkin-Spice range out now for autumn!) and I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know in the comments if you've ever tried Purition Protein Powders or any Protein Powders for that matter, and what you thought of them?


Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Meet The Blogger // GlowSteady

Hey lovelies! Back with another 'Meet the Blogger' post and this week's post features one of my favourite blogging gals I discovered this year: Sophie from GlowSteady. 

Sophie is a '23 year old skincare loving, plant based eater from North East England,' and with our shared love of food, baking and healthy-eating her blog soon became one of my favourites. She creates a range of beauty and recipe posts, with some lifestyle thrown in there too and has a big following on her Instagram which is like a gallery of all her delicious Vegan recipes. As well as this, Sophie is such a lovely, down-to-earth person and I couldn't wait to interview her as part of the series. Don't forget you can catch up with my last Meet The Blogger Post with Simple Jadey here if you haven't already!

1.  How did you first get into Blogging and when did you start?

- I’d been thinking about it for a really long time. I don’t know what sparked the initial idea but I actually bought my domain 9 months before I published my first post (crazy, and such a waste of money). But as soon as I got the idea and knew what I wanted to call it, I had to have it. I have super sensitive skin and because of that I always spent a lot of time researching products and ingredients. I was always the one my friends would come to for product recommendations and advice, I think that’s probably where it started. My blog turns one on the 13th. That’s a year from my first post, not the premature domain purchase.

2. Your blog is filled with amazing recipes and food posts, where do you get the inspiration for this?

- Recipes for me started as a challenge. When I first switched to a vegan diet I had a lot of people tell me how boring my food must be and how I must eat the same things all the time and I wanted to prove them wrong. I try not to eat the same evening meal more than once a month, so I have to keep coming up with new things to facilitate that. Sometimes inspiration will come from another recipe and I’ll try to make a vegan version of it. Or sometimes I’ll see a recipe with one ingredient and it inspires me to use that grain or vegetable but do something else with it. And to be honest, sometimes I look at what I have in my fridge and get creative. A few of my favourite meals have been complete accidents. 

3. What do you love more about the Blogging Community?

- I love the blogging community! I think it’s so supportive and uplifting, at least the side of it I see is. I think it’s really great that it introduces you to so many different people that you would never meet in everyday life but you all have this one thing in common.

4. How do you manage your personal life and blogging? Have you ever felt the need to hide your blog?

- Yes and no. I’d told a few people that I was thinking about starting one long before I actually did so when I did finally start one they weren’t shocked. A few of my friends somehow found my first post within a few days of me posting it (HOW??) so I wouldn’t have been able to keep that a secret even if I’d wanted to. I waited a few months to tell some people but I was never actively hiding it from them. As for juggling a social life, I do find that tough sometimes. I basically hibernated in my house for a month in May when I was doing Recipe A Day May...

5. What has been your biggest achievement in your Blogging Journey so far?

- That’s a tough one! I was really proud of myself when I completed Recipe A Day May, that challenge was difficult to keep up with. That gave me my best month for views too, so completing May in general felt like a great achievement at the time. But I feel more like I’ve achieved something when I get really positive engagement in my comments. The post I’m most proud of is my ‘This Month I want to get serious about female health’ post and the fact that started a genuine conversation made me feel like I’d achieved something.

6. What is the most-read post on your blog and why do you think this is?

- My most read post is my Revolution Pro Foundation Drops Review and honestly I think I just chose the right product at the right time. I reviewed it when everyone was talking about their Fast Base Foundation Stick and there weren’t that many reviews of the drops out there and mine ended up being one of the top results when you search for it. I got really lucky.

7. Favourite Social Media, and why?

- Twitter by a mile. There’s a real community on Twitter, people play less games than they do on Instagram and I find it a much more positive place. It’s always the first app I open on my phone if I’m scrolling.

8. What do you think is one common misconecption about Bloggers?

- That it’s really easy. Blogging is like a million jobs in one and I don’t think people realise how much effort goes in behind the scenes sometimes and how hard it is to be good at all of those things. From being your own  writer, photographer, editing, promotion as well as the more business side of things dealing with PRs and planning collabs etc. I also think a lot of people think you just get sent stuff all the time without putting in any effort which blows my mind.

9. What would be your dream brand to work with, and why?

- That’s a hard one! There are so many companies that it would be a dream to work with. Because I do posts that cover a couple of different niches I find it hard to narrow it down and focus on one thing. In that sense, I think a company like Planet Organic would be amazing because that covers all of my areas from food & health to beauty products too.

10. What are your plans for 'Glow Steady' in the future? Where do you see your blog this time next year?

- As I’m just turning 1, thinking a whole year ahead is a little scary. It’s basic, but my main goal is just to continue to grow. In terms of content related goals, as of right now, I’d like to build my This Month series and try more products to feature in that. I currently post three times a week and I’d like that to continue. I’d really like to mix up my food related content too. I have a lot of ideas for potential recipe series that I’m thinking about. I’m getting a little bored of just posting random recipes. That probably sounds daft but I want them to have more of a theme behind them. I’ve started planning a vegan Christmas series which will be my first step into trying that out. I will be doing Recipe A Day May again next year for sure (I’ve publicly committed myself to that now). That’s about as far as my planning goes at the moment           😂

Hope you enjoyed the second instalment in my 'Meet the Blogger' series and feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below of bloggers you'd like to see interviewed next!


Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Let's Talk "Diets" // Vegan, Carb-Free, Juice Cleanses?

Hey lovelies. So the word 'diet '(which you've probably seen hundreds of times in magazines, all over your twitter feed and plastered on gym posters...) and if so, you'll also be aware of all the negative connotations that word has. We usually think of "diets" as just another fad people buy into, made up of restrictions and this obsession with losing weight, but the truth is not all of them fit into this box. Things like veganism, carb-free diets and juice cleanses will have made an appearance on your social media feed at some point and even though we all think of the word "diet" as something scary and bad...there's always a part of me that's intrigued by it.

With everyone's different lifestyles, there are so many absurd, weird and new diets out there; some you'll be familiar with and others, like I've found, will sound so ridiculous and you will have never even heard of before! So in this post I'm going to be taking you through a list of these "diets" that have made an appearance in 2018, along with my personal thoughts and research on them and everything you need to know. 


This is definitely one you all should recognise and "Going Vegan" was predicted to be the biggest food trend of 2018. Many of you might know friends or family who are Vegan, but to lots of people it's seen as an 'extreme' diet choice and especially in the media Vegans receive a ton of hate. Personally I hugely support this one, for both the health and ethical reasons which are amazing and the fact that Veganism is more of a lifestyle choice than just a diet and this makes it really sustainable. 

But often a bad reason that attracts people to Veganism is this promise of it being a 'magic diet' for weight loss which I'm sorry to tell you... just isn't true. Cutting out dairy and animal products means you're less likely to be consuming processed or fatty foods however you can still be an 'unhealthy Vegan' and lots of people have even reported gaining weight after becoming Vegan.


This is one I've attempted before about a year ago and my GOD is it a struggle to stick too. Many celebrities endorse the idea of 'Juice Cleanse' or 'Detox' to get rid of toxins in your body whether it be after a night out or indulging too much the day before, but is it actually good for you? Research shows that a 3-day detox isn't actually harmful, but as a 'quick-fix' diet they're not all they're cracked up to be. Juice Cleanses are typically low in protein, low in calories (why people may lose weight because of them,) and also full of fruit sugars and can easily leave you feeling drained and fatigued. 

For me personally, the main problem I have with this one is that it creates this idea that 'indulgence should be punished' and people feel like they have to cleanse their body after eating unhealthily. The best thing to do is change up your eating habits to be healthier rather than reling on a "Detox" Day like this.


A Paleo diet is similar to Veganism as it is a long-term lifestyle choice and one I can't help but find really interesting and it basically follows the rules of: "If a caveman didn't eat it, neither should you." For this diet you eat anything the earliest humans could have hunted or gathered, things like meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens and seeds, but that also means cutting out sugar, cereals, grains, vegetable oils and almost all dairy products. 

Overall, since I've never tried it there aren't made negatives I can think of for the Paleo Diet. It emphasizes whole foods, lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats however like all diets it does have a few flaws. By cutting out dairy, you risk deficiencies in calcium which are essential for bone health and eating too much protein can also increase the risk of kidney and heart disease. 


You've probably heard the words "carbs will make you fat" at some point in your life and Carb-Free diets are living proof that this idea still exists. Cutting out carbs often makes your body more likely to burn stored body fat for energy and these 'Carb-Free' diets have been linked to fast weight loss, reduced hunger and better control over insulin and blood sugar. However all-round this diet is definitely not sustainable and if continued for too long can mean your metabolism will slow down, your stress hormones go up and you all-round will start feeling sluggish, spaced-out and lousy. 

Additionally, family I know that have kept up these low-carb diets have said when they eat foods like rice, potatos or bread now, they get way more bloated than they ever did before. 


This one is something you will have unfortunately seen endorsed all over instagram and I often get emails from companies trying to send me their 'flat tummy' tea packs and 'skinny coffee' samples. As you can tell...I'm not a fan!These drinks claim to cleanse your body of toxins, give you more energy, stop bloating, and flush out excess weight. While this works for the two-week period, in that time the laxatives in the tea end up making you need the bathroom all the time and you can read a full review from another blogger Love Rosie here about her experience. 

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments, but I've never met anyone with a positive experience of these 'Skinny Coffee' and 'Tea Detoxes,' so it will be a long time before I buy into this one!


The Military Diet is the most restrictive and specific diet out of all of these and one that typically only lasts 3 days. The meal plan includes Breakfast (cup of black coffee, half a grapefruit, a slice of dry toast) followed by Lunch (half a cup of tuna, slice of dry toast, cup of black coffee) and Dinner (3 ounces of meal, cup of green beans, small apple, cup of ice cream.) Sounds like the strangest food combinations right? 

According to research, because it's so short the Military Diet is not harmful (though it will leave you feeling super hungry and tired,) and is different to a lot of other diets because it doesn't restrict any specific food groups. Not one I would ever have the will-power to try still!


This diet, I have to say, baffles me. The raw food diet, often called raw foodism or raw veganism means exactly what it sounds like: living off only raw foods. The idea behind it is that cooking food denatures all the enzymes and nutrients in what we eat and so by eating 'RAW' you're body will be healthier (whether there's any science to support this I don't know) but the diet has been gaining a lot of momentum in 2018.

For me personally, I just can't get over how you could eat raw food 24/7 because of how much I love cooking but millions of people out there clearly do. In terms of health benefits, dieticions say the pros are thatr eating a Raw Food Diet means you're free from all preservatives, added sugars and your diet is filled with fibre but it's also very difficult to consume enough protein.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you found this post interesting, since it's quite new for me too! Let me know also in the comments below if you know anyone who has these diets // lifestyles or if you've ever tried them before yourself? This is just my personal opinions and research I've done on them but I'd love to hear yours too, or if there are any other diets you've heard of you'd like me to include in another blog post. Love,



Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Super-Berry Smoothie Bowl // Recipe

Hey lovelies! Ever since I first tried one in a café in London a few years ago, I've been obsessed with smoothie bowls and if you've seen them on instagram before I'm sure you'll understand why! The concept is so simple: basically a thicker, soft-serve style smoothie, and packed with even more nutrients than usual to make for a super healthy breakfast. I love to make these for breakfast when I have enough time (more like a weekend treat!) and in this post I'll be showing you my favourite "Super-Berry Smoothie Bowl" recipe. This one is perfect for those of you who have a sweet-tooth in the morning but don't necessarily want to be tucking into all things pancakes and pastries, and so I hope you enjoy. To read my two other smoothie bowl posts from WAY back you can click here and here, and let me know in the comments below what flavour breakfast bowls you'd like me to make next. 



  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • 1/4 Cup Almond Milk
  • 1/2 Cup of Mixed Frozen Berries
  • 1 Scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder (optional)


  • Sliced Banana and Strawberries
  • 1Tsp of Chia Seeds
  • Fresh Cherries
  • Drizzle of Blackberry Curd (optional)


1. Toss all the smoothie ingredients into a blender and blend until the mixture is thick and resembles soft-serve consistency. You may need to add more almond milk if it is too difficult to blend. 
2. Pour out into a bowl and top with your fresh fruit, chia seeds and drizzles, being as creative as you want with how 'instagram-able' it looks. 
3. Grab a spoon and enjoy your super-berry breakfast. 

mmm sweet


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