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My long-haul flight Essentials // Packing Checklist!

Hey lovelies! As you read this I'm finally on my Summer Break and if you keep up with my Twitter you'll know that I'm currently on my way to Mauritius with one of my best friends. I literally cannot contain my excitement for it. Mauritius is my dream holiday - we've got diving planned, whale-watching, sunbathing and even swimming with wild dolphins and it also means I'll be going on my first Long-Haul flight in 5 years! 

While travelling with one of my best friends I'm sure will make the journey a whole lot more fun, when you're unprepared a 14 hour flight can actually be hell. So I thought for this post I'd compile together a little packing checklist for your carry-on bag, with everything from things to help you get a good nights sleep on the plane, to snacks, to getting rid of boredom. I personally love travelling by plane (there's just something exciting about it) but if you're not the biggest fan of or have a fear of flying like many people do, this list of essentials will be sure to make you feel more comfortable. 

The Essentials + Entertainment:

1. Passport 
This one goes without saying, but I know we've all had that last minute panic where you think for a second you've forgotten it. To save this problem I would recommend getting yourself a passport holder or better still one that can store your travel documents all together in too. 

2. Phone and Kindle 
Load these up with games, books and movies and you're all set. The worst feeling is being bored on a flight and knowing you still have 10 hours to go, so make sure you're stocked up on enough entertainment to keep you busy. Download your favourite netflix shows or some new reads, oh and don't forget to bring a charger as well. 

3. Pen and Notebook 
While no one is expecting you to be writing a novel on your flight, having a notebook and pen is something that will come in surprisingly handy. Needing to sign immigration forms before you land? Jotting down the address of the hotel? Random essential that everyone should pack.

4. Polaroid Camera 
I have a bit of an obsession with these things + disposable cameras anyway, but this will definitely be in my carry-on luggage. Capture your journey on film, take-off, that peachy sky as your flying above the clouds... it's always so cute to look back on.

5. Earphones
Most airlines will provide these anyway, but if you've been on many long-haul flights you'll know the quality of them is terrible. Instead, I'd always recommend bringing backup (like my apple earphones which I can plug in) and they're much easier to fold up and save space than bulky headphones. 

A Sleep Kit:

6. Comfy PJs / Clothes 
Depending on what time of day your flight is, chances are you'll be sleeping on the plane. I know for me I find this really difficult so being as comfortable as possible is key. Some people stay in the same clothes, but I find changing at a set time gets you into a routine and so you'll find it easier to get a proper sleep. Comfy Shorts and a hoodie will do me fine!

7. Eye Mask 
This is something I've seen recommended everywhere and an eye mask is definitely a good idea. To block out that kid's ipad screen next to you or that man's reading light, and just to make you feel a bit more relaxed while you sleep. I've collected lots of these from hotels I've stayed at in the past oops. 

8. Moisturiser 
Because planes can be so dehydrating for your skin! This is a really underrated one because most people don't prioritise 'beauty' on the plane but trust me your skin will thank you later. My favourite is this Nivea Night Cream, super inexpensive but a classic you've probably seen mentioned on my blog before.

9. Travel Pillow
If you already have one of these make sure to bring it along. Otherwise most airports sell them because they really are an essential for sleeping - no one wants to wake up with a stiff neck. 

10. Warm Socks
Aeroplanes can get surprisingly cold sometimes and so this is worth packing in your sleep kit. It also means you can slip your shoes off as soon as you board the plane and pop on some fluffy socks instead, which you'll see lots of people doing this on the flight. 

Beauty Bits:

11. Deodrant

An essential for freshening up when it's 6 hours into the flight and you're feeling sluggish. I don't know anyone who actually uses the showers on planes, so make sure to pack a body spray or deodorant. If everyone did this the whole plane would smell a lot more pleasant!

12. Miniature Toiletries (Mouthwash, Hand Sanitisers, Toothpaste, Moisturiser)

I always stock up on minis of everything for my carry on luggage, because as you know there are so many restrictions on the quantities you can take. I'd recommend a mini mouthwash, hand sanitiser, toothpaste and moisturiser which you can literally walk into any superdrug store or boots and buy. They're also so so cute. 

13. Toothbrush 

This doesn't seem to be an essential for everyone but I would always pack a toothbrush. 14 Hours sitting next to someone with bad breath would be a complete nightmare so don't end up doing it for other people! I'd also recommend packing some mints or gum.

14. Lip Balm

Planes can often be really drying and dehydrating so this is high on my list of beauty essentials. Just a little chap stick or carmex pot will not let you down!

Snacks and Food: 

14. Cereal Bars 

While each airline is different, 'Plane-Food' as a whole just isn't great and can often be super stodgy or salty. Packing little 'munch-able' healthy snacks like cereal bars will be a lifesaver if the meal you end up with on the plane isn't up to scratch. My favourites are Naked Bars (the most simple and natural ingredients) or Nine Bars, but any cereal bars are perfect for giving you a boost of energy on the flight.

15. Water Water Water

The biggest essential for a long haul flight! It's so easy to get dehydrated and so really you should be aiming to drink 250ml every hour to keep your body hydrated, and it will also minimise the headaches and jet lag when you land. Flight Attendants do give out water but often those teeny plastic cups just won't cut it so bring your own water bottle and you can always politely ask them to fill it up for you.

16. Boiled Sweets 

Maybe this is just habit for me because I'm always used to travel sweets being a thing when I was younger, but I love to pack a little packet of sweets. Perfect for sharing, and these Ricola Blackcurrant ones are my favourite and actually sugar free. 

17. Popcorn and Packets

While it can be easy to eat your way through all the peanut packets that get handed out on the flight, overly salty snacks like that are only going to make you even more dehydrated. Instead opt for healthier snacks eg. this Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn or trail mixes . Popcorn also makes for a great snack when you're watching movies on the flight!

Hope you found this post helpful, and let me know in the comment where you're travelling this Summer? Plenty more Mauritius posts coming up on my blog, and in 5 days I'll be jetting off to Greece too...



  1. That sounds like an amazing trip! The longest flight I've been on was like 3-5 hours I think haha. I haven't been anywhere that far away yet but I really want to!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  2. This is a great list. I always bring a sweater or wrap also. It seems the planes are always on the chilly side. My longest flight was 13.5 hours from Chicago to Shanghai (then back). I saw some great things and met up with some expat friends on that trip.

  3. I'm travelling soon and this is very handy and always needed reminder! Thanks for sharing, dear and have fun on your trip! :-)

  4. I've never actually flown yet but I'm flying from the UK to South Africa in 3 weeks and that's 22 hours.


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