Monday, 30 July 2018

My long-haul flight Essentials // Packing Checklist!

Hey lovelies! As you read this I'm finally on my Summer Break and if you keep up with my Twitter you'll know that I'm currently on my way to Mauritius with one of my best friends. I literally cannot contain my excitement for it. Mauritius is my dream holiday - we've got diving planned, whale-watching, sunbathing and even swimming with wild dolphins and it also means I'll be going on my first Long-Haul flight in 5 years! 

While travelling with one of my best friends I'm sure will make the journey a whole lot more fun, when you're unprepared a 14 hour flight can actually be hell. So I thought for this post I'd compile together a little packing checklist for your carry-on bag, with everything from things to help you get a good nights sleep on the plane, to snacks, to getting rid of boredom. I personally love travelling by plane (there's just something exciting about it) but if you're not the biggest fan of or have a fear of flying like many people do, this list of essentials will be sure to make you feel more comfortable. 

Friday, 13 July 2018

The Perfect Vanilla Iced Coffee // Recipe!

Hey lovelies! Iced Coffee in Summer is one of my favourite things and I know I'll be going through so many in the next few weeks, there's just something so sweet, delicious and simple about them that I love. But also - if you're like me, there's just no way you'll be spending £4 on a Starbucks Iced Coffee every day. Hence this post, a short little recipe post to get you through those hot Summer days and showing you a quick and easy 'Perfect Vanilla Iced Coffee.' To make this you can be as healthy or over-the-top as you like, using dates for natural sweeteners or instead going all out with flavoured syrups, but my favourite trick I've learned when making Iced Coffee is freezing little milk cubes before hand to add to your coffee to make them melt gradually and get that cool marbled look.  
This is the most basic form of the recipe, but it's so easy to experiment with you could easily make a salted caramel, matcha or mocha one by adding your own ingredients!

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Strawberry and Almond Bakewell Tart // Recipe!

Hey lovelies, welcome back to another recipe post - and for once this isn't a super healthy vegan one! Summer is all about relaxing and indulging and so a little dessert recipe like this was too good not to include on my blog. 

For Summer this Strawberry and Almond Bakewell Tart is absolutely perfect, and I love recreating classic English 'school-dinner' desserts like this Tart and changing it up. For this recipe I used fresh strawberries instead of cherries, since my dad has grown masses of them this month, and I actually think I prefer it this way! Saying that though, the recipe can be used as a base for whatever seasonal fruit is best (I'm thinking pears, peaches.... mmm.) Hope you enjoy, all my other Summer recipe posts can be found HERE,  and let me know in the comments below what your favourite 'school-dinner' dessert is for me to make next?

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