Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Neon Paradise // A Visit to Gods Own Junkyard

Hey lovelies, how's your week going? It's back to school for me now, 3 days in and I'm already sick of it but as a mid-week post I thought I'd look back on one of the highlights of my Easter Holidays: visiting 'Gods Own Junkyard.' You all know I'm a huge lover of my home city London, mainly because it's filled with hidden spots and amazing unique places that pop up all the time and this Neon Junkyard, tucked away in an Industrial Estate in East London is definitely and example of this! 

I first heard about the place from a friend and had been dying to give it a visit for ages, so I got the train there with my sister on a dull rainy day this holidays and if you haven't been I would now 100% recommend it. For sure, the electricity bill would make you faint there aha, but the hundreds of neon lights make for a stunning display ( and *CALLING ALL BLOGGERS* this is the perfect place to get those retro-light photos!) So to find out all the details about this place, almost like my own little London's Hidden Spots review, keep on reading.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

I need help // Body Confidence and Self Love

Hey lovelies. This isn't going to be the most cheerful post, instead one of the most personal ones I've written in a while and so to anyone reading this who knows me in real life... maybe click off. Sometimes it's easier to share with the people you've never met than those closest to you if that makes sense, and I feel like this post is one of those things. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

3 Breakfasts to Boost your Metabolism // Recipes!

Hey lovelies!
Metabolism is one of those things a lot of people still find confusing and I used to feel the exact same. Your metabolism in short, is how fast your body burns calories in the food you eat, and naturally some people have fast ones and some not so much. This basically explains why your super-skinny friend for example, can eat burgers and fries all day long but still not seem to put on a single pound. But while that can be insanely annoying to see if you're like me, there are still ways you can boost your metabolism and that's what I'm going to be showing you today.

Some foods have amazing metabolism-boosting properties and so since breakfast is the most important meal of the day right, I thought I'd create 3x healthy Breakfast meal-plans for you, complete with drinks and each with special ingredients in them that (although might seem a bit strange) are renowned for boosting your metabolism. If you're looking for healthy breakfast inspiration I hope you enjoy and a rough calorie count is also included for each meal to give you an idea of quantity!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Bullet Journal Plan with Me! // April 2018

Hey lovelies, Happy Easter and I hope you've had a relaxing week whether you're still at school/work or are on Easter holidays like me! Even though it's meant to be a break this week has been so busy, everything from birthdays, to meeting friends... to WAY too many hot-crossed buns and Easter Eggs, and I honestly feel like I haven't taken a breath. 

Anyway it's that time of the month again for a new 'Bullet Journal Plan with Me' and since we're officially in Spring now for April's Spread - armed with a ton of pastel highlighters -  I decided to go for a Spring Flower // Daisy theme which turned out so cute. If you're new around here, in these Plan with Me's I like to take you through my Bullet Journal theme for the month, all the new pages I've added in / some I've ditched, the pens I use, and just a bit of Inspo for your own Journals since I know so many other bloggers have them too! Hope you enjoy and if you'd like to get April off to an even better start, here's a reminder that there's only 7 days left to enter my Spring Giveaway!

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