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Blair Waldorf, My Favourite ever blog post, and more // Q and A!

Hey lovelies! Back again on a Wednesday with a new blog post and for this week I thought I'd do something I haven't done in ages: a Q & A! It's the most classic post in the blogging/youtube world but definitely for a reason because they can be some of the most interesting posts to read. For this Q & A I asked for your questions on my twitter about anything you wanted, and so that's what I'll be answering today for you. Confidence, movies, Blair Waldorf and everything in-between! Hope you enjoy and make sure to follow me on my twitter (@justmorgsx) to be able to ask some of your own questions in a future Q & A...

Q1: What's your favourite blog post you've ever posted, and why? (@loveellenagrace)

This was such a good question and the hardest one to pick! I've literally been scrolling through all my blog posts ever just now and I think it would be my 'Bikini Bodies and Why I hate them' post from 2017 or my post on  'Meeting my Internet Friend in Real Life.' The first one because it's quite a deep post I remember finding quite hard to write, and the second because it was literally the most exciting part of my Blogging Journey so far.

Q2: What is your favourite movie and what snack would you have while watching it? (@probs_reading)

Moulin Rouge - which I've probably watched 100000x already, but has always been one of my all time favourites or if we're talking lately I've been obsessed with The Greatest Showman (more musicals I know) or Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Oh and in true cinema-style my ideal snack would be popcorn too, but only the salted kind. Are you a sweet or salty person yourselves?

Q3: Would you say you've grown in confidence since last year, if so how did you go about building your confidence? (@oliviaxalesha)

Although at points this year I've felt like my confidence literally couldn't drop any lower, overall I would definitely say I'm 100x more self-confident than this time last year. A lot of it just has to do with Year 10, and all the things that come with it like making new friendships, social events and talking to completely new people so I don't think I can give a real answer for how I did it. Sometimes you don't realise your own change until you look back but I'd say the best way to build your confidence is to stop caring about what other people think and work on getting to know yourself and find things that you can channel your inner-confidence through better.

Q4: Who is your favourite character in a tv series?

Of all time... I think I'd choose Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. She's the sassiest, most strong character I know and although she was always known for her crazy schemes and 'queen bitch' ways at the start, beneath all that she was a total #GIRLPOWER icon. Independant, Determined, Loyal, proving she didn't need any guy to still be 'a princess'  and all with an impecable fashion sense to go with it too! Aside from the ruthless scheming, and mean rep she was such an iconic TV show character - and  I think everyone could do with channeling their inner-Blair more.

Q5: Would you ever consider putting your blog in your insta bio? (@oliviaxalesha)

Ahh this is a bit of a hard topic for me (that believe me I've deliberated too!) but I guess it goes down to how much of my blog I feel comfortable sharing and balancing my 'blogging world' and 'real life world' which have always been quite seperate for me. It's something I might consider in the future depending on where my blog takes me but for now... probably not. If you want to know why though, I did a full blog post back in 2016 called Why I keep my Blog a Secret which you can read here. 




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  2. Hello Morgan! What a lovely idea for a post, I might have to steal it someday from you ;) I really enjoyed reading it and I am a huge Blair fan as well. Keep up with the good work and I will be waiting to read something new from you soon!
    P.S. Don't Read This

  3. Loved this post! I do love reading a Q&A post, can’t say I’ve watched Gossip Girl, I may have to give it a try!!

  4. Great post! As a new reader it was a fab one to start on because I got to know you a little. I love Blair but I think my favourite TV character ever is either Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverley Place (childish, I know) or Kate from This Is Us <3

    Em ~

  5. I've never actually seen Moulin Rouge but I think I spend 80% of my life singing Lady Marmalade so I definitely need to watch it. I'm the same- popcorn is the ultimate movie snack (I like to make it on the hob at home and honestly, I'm good at it). It's great that you're more confident now as well, hope with each day you get more n more confident gal :)x

  6. omg, yesss! I absolutely love blair waldorf's sass! And isn't she just the most gorgeous person ever?!
    Aleeha xXx

  7. Seeing this post made me remember blog Q&A's are still a thing and the fact that I haven't done one in years. I'd say my fave TV show character is probably Alba/Lidia from Cable Girls, she's such a powerful woman! (also, sweet and salted popcorn for the win)

    Dalal //


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