Wednesday, 31 January 2018

NutriBox Review // My favourite Vegan Snacks!

Hey lovelies so like I mentioned on my twitter, this week I decided to go Vegan for the week (which you might remember I tried back in May) but this time I even managed to convince two of my friends to do it with me! Although I'm already pesketerian, the transition to Vegan for the week has been more difficult than I thought. Having to plan out completely new meals, filling my cupboards with as many vegan snacks as possible and literally the hardest one... remembering to put almond milk in my tea instead! All in all though, it's been really good and enabled me to eat a bit healthier because of my laziness to go out and get specifically vegan versions I've layed off all cakes and chocolates. I have plenty more food-themed posts to go up next month featuring all the recipes I've discovered since going vegan. but since today in FINALLY my last day of the vegan week I thought I've give you a review and run-down of all my new favourite Vegan Snacks. 

The people at NutriBox very kindly offered to send over one of their new 'Slim' vegan snack boxes for me to try out when I was doing this Vegan week and so over the past week I've been trying out all the interesting snacks in the box (+ and taste-testing them on my friends too!) Some of them were a hit, and other's not so much but I suppose that's just the luck of a subscription box. 

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

7 Blogging Habits to take up in 2018

Hey lovelies! I feel like this year especially I'm more focussed on my blog and like that serious #GIRLBOSS 'I'm going to get this done' kind of motivation that I lacked a bit in 2017. Like a lot of bloggers, I'm determined to improve my blog even more this year, work with new companies, make great content, got to more PR Events and through this there are a bunch of different habits I realised I need to take up to make this happen. Usually I get overwhelmed with long 'strategy' or 'tutorial' articles telling me how to improve my blog, when to be honest your girl can't deal with all of that and wants a much more simplistic approach. Small, manageable little tasks that with a bit of time and dedication you can tick-off your To Do List easily. Hence this post! "7 Blogging Habits to take up in 2018," some of these you might already do, or some of them you might be slacking in, but if you're looking for small ways to take your blog to the next level, I hope you find this useful!

Sunday, 21 January 2018

15 Things I've Learned in 15 Years // The Birthday Post!

Hello lovelies, guess who's changing their twitter bio to '15 y/o' now haha!
Unlike other bloggers, I don't have flashy instagram-worthy balloons on here today... just me, exhausted from a weekend of celebrating...eating my body-weight in cake...and ignoring that Monday Panic for tomorrow because DAMN I've had such a good weekend!

 I don't quite know where to start, from the cutest pancake breakfast with my family, to a big birthday lunch with all my friends, and a party last night, it's been so fun. Like I mentioned in my New Year's post, I always find it so weird flicking through old pictures of my birthday's mainly because I can't get over how much I change every single year. Year 7 me, celebrating her 12th birthday feels like forever ago but even just looking back to my birthday last year there are parts of myself that I just don't recognise anymore! Since I'm now officially half-way through my teenage years already now, as a birthday post on my blog I thought I'd do a '15 Things I've learnt in 15 Years' post.' I know that most of my audience is quite a bit older than I am, so mind my small funny little teenage lessons- I know there's plenty more I have to add to the list soon, but I hope you enjoy and let me know in the comments if you can relate to any of them. Also, how cute is the cake in this photograph? Cake of choice ended up being this gorgeous red velvet and cream cheese one (*cheers mum) forever grateful! 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Quitting your New Year's Resolutions Already? // The Breakfast Edit

Hey lovelies. I thought I would start up a new monthly series called 'The Breakfast Edit' where I talk to you all about all sorts of lifestyle/health related topics as well as, well... my breakfast! Think of it like a morning chat, that .... where I can answer a few Q and A questions, ramble to you all and show you the food I've been loving lately with a mini recipe. 

Thursday, 4 January 2018

New Year, New Skin // Evolve Beauty Review!

Hey lovelies, and Happy New Year! Hope you've had an amazing start to 2018 (mine's not been the best since I had my first day back at school today) but New Year is literally one of my favourite times because no matter what resolutions I plan on sticking to, it's a fresh start for me and my blog too! By the end of 2017, I really felt like I found the themes and style of my blog that I really wanted to keep to - everything to do with health, food, positivity and that 'fresh-natural' kind of style that fits Just Morgs. And going along with that natural theme, one of my New Year's resolutions was to experiment more with simple and natural skincare products this year, and this is when I disovered Evolve Beauty. 

I originally met the people behind this skincare brand at the WeHeartMonday's event in December (literally the most passionate and lovely people!) where they talked me through all their products and their cruelty-free company, and after this they very kindly offered to send me a box of full-size products to try out if I was interested. I was super enthusiastic to change up my skincare routine from my usual alcohol-based cleansers or face scrubs that are often filled with nasty parabins, so I've been using all these products recently and to cut it short: I LOVE THEM. I can rarely rave about skincare like this but these products are literally some of my favourites I've ever tried (plus all natural and cruelty-free yas!) and I thought I'd do a review showing you guys everything about them.  

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