Saturday, 23 December 2017

My Cosy Christmas Eve Essentials!

Hey lovelies! As I type this it's the 23rd of December (2 DAYS LEFT to enter my giveaway) and although I told myself I wouldn't I really wanted to squeeze in another post before Christmas for you guys!
For me, Christmas Eve for me is just as good as the 25th because it's that day that's the most full of hope, and lights, and christmas magic and kind of like 'the peak' of the festive season. I know everyone has different Christmas Eve traditions (some people even open some of their presents that night?) but for me Christmas Eve is always the most cozy, chilled evening surrounded by family. It mainly consists of hot chocolates, cosy jumpers and way too competitive board games but I always love Christmas Eve and in this post I thought I'd show you my 'Cosy Xmas Eve' essentials in preparation for tomorrow! Hope you enjoy and since this is my last Christmas post of 2017, I hope you all have a lovely holiday and enjoy every minute spending time with the people you love and relaxing this Christmas.


1. A Cup of Tea (Preferably in a Santa Mug of course!)

I tend to live off warm drinks in the festive season and so a good tea is definitely an essential for me. This Twinings 'Cranberry and Blood Orange' is absolutely delicious and as close to christmas flavours as I'm going to get (since I'm not a fan of peppermint or cinnamon ones.) It also makes the perfect stocking gift if you know someone who's a tea-lover. 

2. Fuzzy Socks

These could be from anywhere (as cheap or as fancy as you like!) but everyone's got to have some fuzzy socks on Christmas Eve. I know this is a tradition for lots of people too, but I usually get some in a stocking each year. 

3. Christmas Jumper

You won't catch me wearing anything but a Christmas jumper on Christmas Eve. The cosiest thing to wear and sure to get you excited for the next day.


4. Sweet Snacks

My favourite things to munch on this festive season, and what I will most likely be having on Christmas Eve. are snacks like this Caramel and Peanut Christmas trail Mix (only from Lidl!) festive biscuits and mince pies which I currently need to bake more of tonight. 

5. Chocolate Santa

I don't know why I still get these every year, it seriously lasts me until New Years to finish them, but a good old 'Chocolate Santa' is an essential on xmas Eve! I've always had these ever since I was younger and so it's become a bit of a tradition that me and my sisters all get one on Christmas Eve. 

6. A Christmas Movie

Whether it's Love Actually, Elf or my favourite... The Grinch, I think watching a Christmas movie curled up on the sofa is the perfect thing on Christmas Eve. Grab your sweet snacks from earlier, and set up a festive movie with blankets and you're good to go. I'm actually giving away this Christmas Movie as part of my Christmas Giveaway Bundle and lots of other prizes so be sure to enter that here!


7. Family Board Games

I don't know about you but my family is definitely big on Board Games and so no Christmas is complete without it. At about 9pm we'll bring out a game (if it's my choice it will always end up being monopoly!) and spend hours laughing and getting competitive. I love times like that, because during school, everyone's busy work schedules, and weekend plans, it's only at Christmas season that we have enough time to do fun things like this together...
We also end up going through so many cups of tea and hot choc in that time too!


8. Light a Candle // Switch on Fairy Lights

This isn't really something I often do, so it always feels extra Christmassy when I light a candle in my room. I love leaving it there and letting the smell waft around my room right before bed and it's the nicest thing!

9. Face Mask 

Although it can't be helped much , It would not be the best surprise for me to wake up on christmas day with a face full of spots, so around that time before bed I usually put on a face mask. I got sent this gorgeous 'Radiant Glow Mask' by Evolve Beauty who's products I'll be reviewing fully in the New Year, but it literally smells like chocolate brownie and I'm IN LOVE! I'll leave this on for about 15-20 mins before washing it off . 

And that's it for my typical Christmas Eve! Hope you enjoyed and I will speak to you all soon, to announce my giveaway winner too...




  1. I'd happily curl up on the sofa with a santa mug full of tea, whilst wearing fluffy socks and watching a Christmas film! So festive!
    Amber |

  2. Twinings teas are my all time fave, I've been loving a cup of lemon and ginger is my current go-to, it's so warming on a cold day! A Christmas movie can never beaten - Elf is my favourtie but my parents put the Revenant on last night, not exactly festive hahaha! Happy Holidays to you!

    Abbey 💋

  3. I don't even have half of these things, I suck at Christmas these days... At least I have a cute Christmas mug! I love to use Christmas mugs to make mug cakes.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  4. That tea sounds amazing! Totally with you on the cosy socks, an absolute essential x


  5. Fluffy socks and The Grinch are on! I do need a Christmas jumper, I am on the lookout for one for next year! x

  6. This sounds like a wonderful Christmas Eve, I never like going out as I like to feel refreshed and well rested on Christmas Day so I'm definitely one for staying in and stuffing my face/having a pamper! Hope you have a fab Christmas!
    Alice Xx

  7. I 100% need me some caramel and peanut Christmas trail mix!! That sounds so yum! I love Christmas eve, sometimes even more than the actual day. It’s nice to just relax and get all cosy eating a lot and watching films. Bliss! X

  8. Chocolates are a given! I probably eat so much more than I should on Christmas Eve. I have a problem haha!

  9. This sounds like you have such a great day planned. I LOVE cosy socks so much haha, and I am wearing my Christmas leggings to also help me get into that Christmas mood haha. I hope you had a lovely day today! :)


  10. I absolutely love all of this stuff. Our Christmas this year didn't turn out the way that we hoped but in the end we all got to be together and that is all that matters :)

    1. That of course is what I wanted for christmas

  11. THIS POST IS JUST SO COZY!!!! ⛄⭐😭❤ Love it!


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