Wednesday, 29 November 2017

21 Ways to Instantly Feel more Festive!

So I don't know about you but there some years where I am absolutely Christmas-Crazy by even October. Like decorating the whole house, practically hugging the Christmas Tree and 'can someone pass me all those mince pies, please?' But other years, it takes me a little longer to get into the Festive Spirit and I know it's the same for a lot of people too.. so to kickstart December here's a list of all my favourite typical Christmassy Activities and things to tick off. 21 Little things that will instantly make you feel more festive and lift your spirits if you're not excited already! Hope you enjoy my first Christmassy post this year and keep an eye-out for another GIVEAWAY post coming soon on my blog. 

01.  Put up your Christmas Tree (There's nothing more festive than that right?) Make a day of it, picking out baubles, blasting 'Jingle Bells' through the house and have fun.

02.  Visit your local Starbucks / Costa and get the most unhealthy Christmassy drink you can find. Complete with red cups! 

03. Bake mince pies. (Or y’know, nip to your local Tesco's if you're short of time.)

04. Re-watch your favourite Youtuber's Vlogmasses or Blogger's Blogmas from Last Year to get you in the Festive Spirit. My favourite was VelvetGh0st's in 2016!

05.  Light your first Christmas Candle of the year and let that scent waft through your house. 

06. Visit Oxford Street and Go see the Christmas lights (and ahem do some Xmas Shopping too while you're there!)

07.  Invest in Blankets. Everywhere. 

08.  Make mulled wine / mulled cider! Recipe coming soon on my blog.

09. Rewatch all your favourite Christmas Films. I'm thinking Elf, Love Actually, The Grinch... 

10. Enter a bunch of Christmas Giveaways (like *cough* my one) because wouldn't it be a nice Xmas present to win too?

11. Binge watch all the John Lewis Christmas adverts from over the years with a box of tissues to-hand. 

12. Buy one of those huge tubs of Quality Streets or Heroes 

13. Visit a Christmas Food Market (Camden is beautiful this time of year!) Who care's if you don't actually buy anything, it's that Christmassy warmth and smell of food that makes it so good. 

14. Wrap up warm and go Ice Skating with some friends. Outdoor Rinks are amazing during the Christmas season, and when you're all cold and shivering it's time for Hot Chocolate after!

15. Wrap Presents. Go all out and wrap presents for friends and family like you're a Pinterest Blogger, it's the most satisfying thing!

16. Buy some Xmas PJ's and feel free to live in them from now on. 

17. Make a Festive Spotify Playlist (with Bublé in of course right?)

18. Make yourself a hot chocolate, complete with whipped cream, candy canes and cinnamon and all those Christmassy toppings. 

19. Pick out a Christmas Day outfit. This is always something I forget to do but it will get your so excited for Christmas!

20. Organise a Secret Santa with your friends. 

21. Spend time with your loved ones. Whatever reason you celebrate Christmas for, it's always the best time of year to treat your family and friends and come together for the holidays. Do all your traditions and odd little things that make Christmas ... 'Christmas,' for you and enjoy every moment. 




  1. Such a cute and cosy post!
    Amber |

  2. Love this! I always love the holidays but this year I have been feeling a little less festive so I’m definitely going to be referring back to this post! :)

  3. I'm going to do all these things because I love Christmas. Hope you have an especially festive time.

  4. This is so cute! We’ve already bought and wrapped all our presents, Christmas tree may
    Go up this week but I think I’ve had all festive drinks already haha but you can never have too many right?

    Jessica & James | /

  5. Hi, I wish that I could do all of these but sadly I can’t you can’t popping into London and seeing all of the festive displays and lights.

    1. Awe I suppose I'm pretty lucky just being a bus or train ride away x

  6. I think I’ve been in the festive spirit since November 1st Haha I’m the same every year but my other half finds it a little hard to feel festive so I’ll have to show him some of your tips 💖

  7. Love it!I definitely rewatch old Blogmas's to get me into the mood for Christmas and blankets too!

  8. I'm going to be doing all these things! Absolutely love Christmas activities and will try to do even more this year.

  9. Love these ideas! Can't skip out on some good Christmas movies, hot chocolate and fluffy blankets! x

    Lizzie |

    1. Course not! What's your favourite xmas movie? x

  10. I am up for anything including a blanket! Christmas movies are great too! and hot lattes! xx corinne

  11. These are such amazing things to do! I personally do not celebrate Christmas but I LOVE watching vlogmas on YouTube and literally get so excited about it every year! ��

    1. That's really interesting and blogmas is exciting any time of year aha x

  12. Ah thank you for this! I've been struggling to feel festive this year and I don't really know why :D

  13. This post is perfect for me!


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