Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Let's talk blog photography // Finding your Aesthetic

Hello lovelies! I thought this Autumn I would introduce another blogging series similar to my #bloggingchatter posts (which you can read HERE) but all about my favourite part of blogging: Photography.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Homemade Pumpkin-Spice Hot Chocolate // Fall Recipe

  Hey lovelies! So Autumn is basically the season of hot drinks and well - if you're basic like me - PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING,
 and so I thought a Fall-Themed recipe was definitely due this month. I've been loving hot chocolate lately, perfect for those cold days after school, curled up on the sofa watching The Great British Bake off (or flicking through revision notes in my case most of the time!) where you just want to treat yourself and have that instant comfort of a cup of hot cocoa. But since I'm a fall-obsessed blogger this isn't going to be any old hot choc, it's a fancy lil' Pumpkin spiced one complete with cinnamon, nutmeg and of course a huge swirl of whipped cream. A bit more effort than your average hot chocolate, granted, but it's now my new favourite this and beats just stiring in a bit of Cadbury's powder. Trust me. Anyway I hope you enjoy this October Recipe and if you're in the mood for more fall-themed recipes you can click here to read my DIY Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappe post from this time last year!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Chai Tea + Sunday Rambles

Hello lovelies! Today's post is going to be a chatty one because I've really missed writing these sorts of relaxed posts and they're my favourite kind to read too. So grab your tea and get ready to hear me ramble about everything Autumn / Happiness // GCSE's // and Blog Projects.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

October Plan with Me // Bullet Journal!

Hey lovelies! Welcome to October then, literally my favourite time of year for blogging, where everything is pumpkin-spiced and fall-themed, and I'm so excited for all the posts I've got coming up in October! Like every month, October is a fresh start in my bullet journal, and since the last time I showed a snippet of my September journal plan on twitter it got a ton of positive feedback, I thought I would make a Bullet Journal 'Plan with Me' post. I've binged watched these a lot on youtube lately, where people take you through their journal spread for the month, all the pages they use, and of course all the artsy designs that are great for inspiration! In this 'Plan with Me,' I'll be taking you through my plan for October and how (I hope) I will stay organised this month...ft. an autumn theme to match haha.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

How to Take Good GCSE Notes + Study Tips!

Hey lovelies! So as I've mentioned in a bunch of other posts, this year I'm in Year 10 meaning I've just started all my new GCSE Courses and Subjects (a combination of exciting and scary haha!) So far I'm really enjoying my subjects, I chose Triple Science, French, Product Design and History which are all going okay but one thing that I've definitely been getting used to this year is taking notes. Being a neat-freak and perfectionist (as you guys probably already know from my bullet journal!) I actually really like this, something about writing things out and presenting them how I want always helps me learn and revise better and it's definitely going to come in handy looking back on all of them when I take my GCSE Exams in Year 11. Anyway in this weeks post I thought I would talk you through my best note-taking tips that I've discovered so far and study tips to get those aesthetically pleasing notes... that still actually help you study! Ft. pictures of my own Biology // Chemistry // and English notes for the start of Year 10.

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