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Superfood or Super Fad? // Thoughts + Reviews

Hey lovelies! I talk a lot about health // food on my blog, but one thing I've never really talked about or tried are 'Superfood' powders. Although I've seen these everywhere, from instagram, to Niomi Smart youtube videos, to shelves and shelves of them at Holland and most people I've always been a bit unsure about delving into all these weird-seeming protein powders and superfood shizz! There's just something about not quite understanding what's in them, but being told they're 'so good for you' that I've always been paranoid about. That and the fact that all these trendy superfood blends and special powders are hella expensive too!

Anyway, when the brand Minivita (an amazing quality company that specialises in 100% natural health and beauty products) offered to send me a few of their products to try I decided why not give them a go, try them out this month, and tell you guys what I think. The health industry is huge and often a bit of a con with all these 'superfood' products out there, but in today's post I thought I would chat you through what I really think of this trend, if I actually noticed any benefits from it, and whether Superfoods are worth the hype? 


 Here are the three different products I was sent, and a little bit about each of them!
[Ingredients: Pure Spirulina Powder]

I had heard of Spirulina powder before, included in all sorts of fat-burning smoothie recipes on Pinterest, but in short Spirulina is made from an blue/green algae that has between 55-75% Protein (that's more than beef or chicken.) As a vegetarian, it's important for me to still include lots of protein in my diet and so I was hoping this would be the perfect all-natural way of doing it! In terms of colour, Spirulina is a dark green fine-powder (pretty scary looking at first to be honest!) but I was excited to try it out.
[Ingredients: Wheatgrass, Chlorella, Alfalfa, Acai Berry]

The detox blend turned out to be a light-green powder, made from a blend of 4 different superfoods to boost digestion, support weight loss, and 'flood your body with an array of antioxidants.' I can't say I had much faith in this one at first, but I followed the recommended instructions by adding a tsp to Teas and Smoothies throughout the month. 
[100% Chia Seeds]
This is one superfood I had already tried, and one I can already say I loved! Chia seeds are tiny black/white seeds, which are meant to be an amazing source of Omega 3 and iron and are basically little bundles of energy. When soaked in water, they swell up to a jelly-like consistency and I use them quite a lot in Chia-seed puddings, smoothies and even sprinkled on my Buddha bowl from my last post!


 For me personally, I found both the Spirulina and Detox Blend had a really bitter nasty taste (not that I was expecting anything less) but when blended into smoothies or tea with a little honey you could barely tell they were there. Apart from the bright green colour of course! Another way I used the Spirulina powder today actually, was adding a tea-spoon to my brownie mix, disguising it in the sweetness of the chocolate and turning the brownies into little protein bites too.

As for the Chia seeds, well they are super easy to throw into smoothies or sprinkle on top of yoghurts and toast for a little burst of Omega 3. I also made a 'chia-seed pudding' for breakfast earlier this week using them which was amazing!


 The Spirulina Powder is quite difficult to slip into juices or smoothies to be honest, with it's dark green colour and bitter taste but for any of you who are vegetarians like me it might be useful to have in your kitchen cupboards for a little extra Protein. I can't say I felt much difference using it this month though, and probably wouldn't buy it myself...

The Detox Superfood Blend is more like a health-tea than anything else. Aside from the price (which I think is a bit ridiculous!) I really liked this, and it reminds me of Matcha which I love. Having this at breakfast each day or before the gym, gave me a lot more energy without any crazy protein bars or shakes just a simple blend of superfoods. 

Chia seeds are a favourite of mine now, and I will definitely be repurchasing as soon as I run out of this tub. They can be used in pretty much anything and are loaded with calcium, omega 3 and anti-oxidants, plus they're literally just seeds. No weird ingredients of crazy coloured powders phew!

Hope you enjoyed my little review and ramble about Superfoods! Overall, I'd have to say a selection of these powders and blends are actually worth the hype (or the money) they contain a whole load of benefits and nutrition but none of these superfoods are ever a 'magic pill' to health. There are a couple I would try again and are useful to include in my diet but as far as health bloggers/youtubers go I'm a bit like 'meh' on the Superfood front. Let me know in the comments whether you've tried any Supefood powders in the past, and whether you think they're amazing or just another health fad? Let's get chatting in the comments...




  1. Hi, I love chia seeds as they just seem to help fill me up for a little longer. I tend to have them with my breakfast, so maybe I shall give this brand a try. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome thanks! I'm a huge fan of chia seeds too x

  2. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I had never heard of this brand before! Their products look quite interesting and I am glad you saw great benefits in them! xx corinne

  3. My mom is ALWAYS going on about superfoods, so I have to confess to skepticism just because I'm ornery like that ;). But that said, I do love a good chia seed pudding! Can't stomach wheatgrass, though...


    1. Ahh I know exactly what you mean! Some superfoods are just to much bleh even if it does have amazing benefits haha x

  4. I love love love chia seeds. I mostly use it to make pudding. Although I've never heard of this brand before, I will definitely look into buying their chia seeds.


    1. Planning a chia seed recipe on my blog soon! Keep an eye out ty xx

  5. I haven't heard about these before in my life! My first impression would be "all they're inventing" but this sounds super cool after all! Such a lovely review, can't wait what you come up with them :-)

    ~ Jasmin N

  6. It seems like every month, there's a new superfood that all the magazines are telling us that we MUST be eating haha! It's great to hear that you found these ones worth the hype though! I'm vegetarian as well so very tempted to invest in the Spirulina powder, despite the bitter taste!

    Abbey 😻

    1. I know right?! It get's so confusing knowing what to believe in or what's just another fad x

  7. I have never heard of these before but they sound really interesting, and I liked how you managed to slip it into teas and giggled at how you included it in your brownies - it's something I would do!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

    1. you can't taste it at all in brownies it's amazing! Ty x

  8. I had some quinoa in Peru and that was the end of my superfood story. I like your honesty on how bitter this stuff was. I think I wouldn't try powders, mostly because of the texture. Chia seeds can be put in so many things though. I once saw people put them in popsicles.

    x Envy

    1. Oooo chia popsicles that sounds interesting! <3


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