Wednesday, 20 September 2017

20 Reasons why being a Teenage Girl Sucks.

Hello lovelies! So while there are perks to being a teenager, there are also a whole lot of things...that absolutely suck. Everything from school // to acne // to boyfriends // to fake friends, and it's safe to say that little 'teen tears' jar has been filled up by all of us in some way or another!  Since I know that the majority of you reading this are teenagers like me, I thought in today's post I would share with you my 20 reasons why being a teenage girl sucks, which hopefully you can relate to or find funny if you're looking back at this as an adult. Of course it's not all doom-and-gloom being this age, the amazing experiences and new freedom you get is great but hey, I'm 'a hormonal teenage girl'  so I'm allowed to have a moan, right?

01. Hormones and Emotions are constantly messed up.

02. Being asked if you are tired or sick if you skip wearing makeup for a day.

03. Suddenly you're not allowed daily naps anymore

04. Friend Drama. Girls can be mean, really mean.

05. *The piles of Homework*  when people ask you why you're not free

06. One word. School Photos. 

07.  Wanting to know all the gossip...but not wanting to be involved in the gossip

08. Being told you're 'too young to know what you want' but being forced to choose GCSE's and a career path by the age of 16 anyway.

9. When you're in a bad mood and someone goes 'Awe are you on your period, honey?'

10. All the curfews.

11. The crazy amount of money you have to pay for bras and underwear. Seriously? It’s literally underwear, why does it have to be so expensive?

12. School. Enough said.

13. Being treated like a 8 year old, but expected to act like a 20 year old... where's the logic?

14. Fake Friends and Popular Cliques.

15. Grosse School uniforms that somehow look amazing on everyone but you. 

16. Spots. None of us signed up to this!

17. Never being taken seriously as a teenager (Even before you've opened you mouth!)

18. Exam Fever and the stress building up to GCSE's and A-Levels. 

19. Deciding between another late-night netflix episode or dragging yourself out of bed for school tomorrow. 

20. Comparing yourself to other people constantly, it's like second-nature. 




  1. Your photo is so cute! This post was so relatable, I especially love 'wanting to know all the gossip, but not wanting to be involved in all the gossip' I relate to that so much! Lately there has been so much gossip in my group of friends but I've just about managed to be not involved in it, aha!x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. This was such a good post! I relate to every single one of these! Especially the one abouts drama. X


  3. I'm finally coming out of this stage, but it totally sucks. School photos, and as I'm learning, uni ID photos, are terrible. So stressful and they never work out! And being a girl is so expensive. Lots of love! xx

    1. Oh godddd even more fun photos to come right? Ty x

  4. I'm 19 and still relate to a bunch of these! So true!

  5. I think every girl can relate to this haha! Friend drama haha! It's so funny now I'm that bit older how much less drama there is!

    1. Can't wait to be rid of all the drama tbh... wonder whether I'll miss it? Haha xx

  6. I'm not a teenager anymore but this is so true!
    xxx Nele |

  7. Haha Love the picture! I relate so much to the feeling of being treated like im 8. Even though im 18... Being a teen is a reallll struggle haha. I feel like most adults must totally forget what its like becasue they definitely arent taking it easy on us haha.

  8. HAHAHA I agree in all of this


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