Wednesday, 16 August 2017

What I did Wednesday // Italy Edition

Hello lovelies, from Italy! It's stop 05 on my Summer Roadtrip and while I'm still planning to do another Bucket List for where I'm staying in Italy at the end, I thought I thought I would try logging in a more recent snippet of my trip: Today! The area we're visiting is Lake Como, and I've spent most of the week so far exploring all the small Italian towns near us, swimming in the beautiful Lake, and of course eating way to much Italian food haha. It really us beautiful here though, and such a relaxing change from busy Amsterdam or the cold Swiss Alps that I was in a few weeks ago. This week is pretty much 're-charge' time for us and so as a 'What I did Wednesday for you' and kind of like an online scrapbook for me I thought I would show you all what I got up to today... from food, to canoeing, to sunbathing!

The first thing I did (which has become a bit of a morning routine now!) is head down to the lake in the early morning. The beach and Lake is right outside where we're staying so all we do is grab a few deckchairs, our books and pool floaties and we're good to go. Today I also took some polaroids with my sister (ahh only 2 bits of film left now haha!) and we messed about in the lake with our pool floaties. 

After spotting a canoe hire place a little distance down the beach, we also ended up popping on swim suits and canoeing in the lake too! None of us really had the faintest clue about canoeing, but after about 10 mins of waving the paddles about and almost falling out we got the hang of it. We hired them for an hour and I travelled round the lake in one with my sisters until our arms were too sore and we had to come back!

Then, after lunch, we walked into the closest town to us, and caught a ferry to the other towns around the lake like Menaggio and Varenna. This was one of my favourite bits of the day, just seeing all the traditional Italian towns with their painted house and brown tiles and the little boutique shops. Here (like most of Italy!) was also crammed with gelato shops and so we stopped for an ice cream along the way. I don't even need to explain how good Italian ice cream is omg...

At about 5ish, in the quiet bit of the afternoon, I also ended up writing a couple of postcards. It's something I've got into a bit of a habit doing lately and I love it. Along this roadtrip I've basically been saving one country for each of my friends to send them a postcard from, I sent one to Olivia from Germany and Charlotte yours is going to come from France (since you're vieaveccharlotte right!) when I visit there next week.

Today I facetimed my best friend too which always brightens my mood! Sitting with a cup of tea and my ipad and chatting away was the perfect thing, no matter how many times the facetime froze up it was so worth it. It's quite hard being away from my friends and everyone for so long, like I mentioned in my last post, I get a major case of FOMO and more than ever I just miss my friends so frigging much and so I'm always grateful to catch up with people. 

So that was 'What I did Wednesday' for you! I hope you found this an interesting change from a normal routine kind of post and stay tuned for Sunday's post where I'll be putting up another bucket list for Italy. I'm busy editing through the photos now and I'll have even more to include by the end of the week when we leave Lake Como. Until then, hope ya'll have had an amazing day! I mean it.



  1. That sounds so cool! I have always wanted to go to italy. :)


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