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Top Spots at Disney // Wanderlust 03

Hey lovelies! So last week I was in Paris and you know what that means... I got to visit basically the most magical place in the world: DISNEY LAND.  And on it's 25th Anniversary year too! I've loved Disney ever since I was a kid (I mean who didn't) and although I've lost the Snow White dress, fading mickey mouse toys, and plastic tiaras since then, the excitement I had for that day was like I was 4 years old all over again! We tried our hardest to get as much done around the park as possible in the day that we visited, racing between queues for rides, exploring all the hidden shops and sets, and watching the parade and by the end I was able to cross almost everything off our map. Anyway in today's post I wanted to share with you my top spots at Disney, with all the hidden and underrated places, tips on beating the queues and of course all the aesthetic Disney-themed pictures from my visit. My only regret is not buying that gigantic Stitch stuffed toy like you can see in the polaroid but hey maybe I'll save that for another visit to Disney Land Paris, maybe even with my friends in the future...

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

It's the first thing you see when you walk into Disney Land and the most striking thing too! Aurora's castle is at the end of the main street, basically the backdrop for all tourists' selfies and so beautiful. In Sleeping Beauty's castle you can also go in an explore, visiting the cave of the dragon beneath it and the stunning stain glass of Aurora's story which are just the most magical things.Fun fact, there's actually forced perspective of the castle with the bricks getting smaller and the each turret cleverly painted a slightly different shade of pink to make the iconic castle seem twice as tall as it actually is!

 The Three Fairies Sweet Shop

One of my favourite things where all the little disney medieval-themed shops around the square. This sweet shop, named after the three fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty, is a bit of a hidden gem to be honest as a lot of people skip past it when walking through the main street, but it's so beautifully set up, stacked to the ceiling with Disney-themed sweets and treats and even adorable stain-glass haha. Definitely worth a visit, I mean who doesn't like sweets?

Space Mountain Roller Coaster

I don't even know where to start on this one! Although it scared me shit-less it was literally the most thrilling roller coaster in the park, and for someone who loves that adrenaline rush it's honestly perfect! Space Mountain launches you into complete darkness, whizzing past what is made to look like shooting stars and essentially a galaxy and you dive through it, all while going through vertical drops and 360° loops. For this one you will have to queue for over an hour but a tip is to head for this ride during the afternoon parade where most people are huddled in the Main Street area and there are virtually no queues. Space Mountain is terrifying but still made it to my list as the most exhilarating ride ever.

Toffee Apple Food Truck

When going to Disneyland, what can I say ... be prepared for a lot of sugary snacks! Although most blog posts you read will recommend you pack snacks and lunch with you (because of just how expensive everything is) at somepoint you've got to try something from the sweet trucks around the square. And so this is how the Toffee Apple Truck earned it's place on my 'top spots at Disney!' Complete with bright colours and a little 25 Disney Anniversary decoration too, these were amazing.

Watch the Parade

Probably the most impressive and magical part of the day, second only after the Castle, was the parade. The parade happens every day at 5:30 and there are crowds of 4-year-olds, families, and friends all bustling round the square ready to see their favourite Disney characters parade through the streets. As well as the prince-princess couples, there's also massive floats that have been built, with bubbles, fire and even glitter from the Frozen one! The corner of the main square was the best spot when watching the parade. 

Indiana Jones Temple of Peril Ride

In terms of rides, this was one of my personal favourites. The whole thing is set up just like ancient stone temple from the movie, complete with creepy jungle-like surroundings and a rusty train track which you hop into on the ride. It's no match for the Space Mountain roller coaster for the fear-factor, but my god will this make you scream a bit as you plummet down a spiral of twists and drops in the rickety carriage. 5 mins before the parade ended and everyone dispersed again we made a bee-line for this ride and so we managed to whizz right through the queue!

So that's my list complete! I really hope you like this post and it's making me miss it so much just looking through the photos...somebody take me back aweee. Also, let me know in the comments when you go back to school? I have to go back to school shopping today actually but while I'm nervous for year 10, I'm pretty excited to see what all my new GCSE subjects are like and new classes with new people. Did I just say 'excited' about school yikes, I guess we'll have to see. Love you all, 

I'm going back next Wednesday!



  1. I went to Disneyland Tokyo and that was one of the most exciting times of my life! I thought it was so beautiful, and Space Mountain was freaking amazing! I hope I can go to Disneyland Paris soon, it looks incredible <3

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

    1. Wow I've never been to any other Disney land but Paris, but I'm sure they're just as impressive <3

  2. Oh my gosh this looks amazing!! Disneyland Paris has been sat on my bucket list for far too long!! Xxx

  3. Joan Ferguson22 February, 2018

    Disney world taught me the importance of leadership in small business, remember Aladin's story? I guess such tales form our perception of the world in the childhood.


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