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Amsterdam Bucket List // Wanderlust 01

Hey lovelies! Throwing in a cheeky double post this week because I just could not wait to do a travel-related post. Since I'm going to a lot of different countries in Europe on my Summer Roadtrip, I was thinking a lot about the best way to write about each of them on my blog and so I decided to do my own Bucket List for some of them. In here I'll basically show you all the things I got up to and would recommend there as well as pictures and a kinda diary for myself of my Summer. To start: AMSTERDAM! It had always been one of my dream places to go, and so during my 3-day stay there on the trip there was so much I wanted to see and do. I packed as much as I could into those three days, there were tours, flea markets, museums, coffee shops and canal trips but out of everything I thought I'd show you all the things I managed to tick off my Bucket List!

01. Visit the Anne Frank House

This had always been something on my life bucket list as well as just Amsterdam, but I couldn't leave the city without visiting the Anne Frank House. The queues for going in are insane (we were waiting for 3 hours!) so definitely book online months in advance if you can, but no matter what it was worth the wait. It's so mind-blowing being in the real house and seeing her bedroom and posters, as well as pretty shocking and emotional once you hear the story of her life. At the top of my bucket list!

02) Find the Fault in Our Stars Bench

Y'all know what I mean haha! That dramatic scene where Hazel and Augustus are sitting on a bench by the canal ... well as you can tell from all the padlocks it's very famous now! I really wanted to find it so I made my family spend ages searching for this bench, until we eventually found it (by the Leidsgracht Canal.)

03) Get Chips in Dam Square

Enough said...the food in Amsterdam was amazing! I read a lot about the food trucks around Dam Square, so we decided to grab some street food and sit in the square. It's a super popular area, in the centre of the city where you can just sit and watch as cyclists zoom past and bustling market stalls begin to open. There's also a crazy amount of pigeons which reminded me a bit of Trafalgar Square in London!

04) Go on a Canal Cruise

Amsterdam is often called 'The Venice of The North' because it has so many beautiful canals and so I really wanted to go on a boat ride on them during my stay there. It's so lovely to be taken across the route of the canal and see the city from a different view as well as getting a tour as you go. Also how cute was that shoe-shaped tipping box on the boat!

05) Visit a Cheese Factory

The dutch are vv famous for their cheese and so I would definitely recommend having a look round one of their cheese shops or factories if your there. The smell can be a bit overwhelming when you walk in haha, but it's super interesting to see how people make it traditionally in Amsterdam and try a few tasters and all!

06) Try Raw Herring from a Food Truck

I had read up about this on a lot of travel websites before my trip, and was so intrigued! Many food trucks around Amsterdam are famous for selling raw herring and while I'm not the biggest fan of raw fish it was just one of those things I felt I had to try (for the whole Amsterdam experience y'know?) and it was actually surprisingly good!

07) Visit Amsterdam Floating Flower Market

This market is one of Amsterdam's most famous and is really is stunning! Everywhere is surrounded with bright coloured flowers and bulbs, and of course dutch tulips which are literally the perfect symbol of Holland. Although I didn't end up buying any I did spend forever taking instagram pictures of all the Tulips haha!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I can't wait for more Bucket List posts! I've still got Switzerland, Italy, France and Disney Land to go before the trip is over and I can't wait. If you've got any recommendations or your own bucket list for any of those places do drop me a comment, I could use the tips! 

City definitely! *cough* Amsterdam any day



  1. This is such a great list, and I hope you manage to achieve everything! The flower market looks amazing!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you! And yas ah it was beautiful x

  2. It is so cool that you went to Amsterdam and those photos look amazing. Also super cool way to write this post. I might have to steal the idea some time. :)

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. Thanks it's so much more fun writing a travel post in this style <3

  3. I'm absolutely in love with this post! I've always wanted to visit Amsterdam, so I really enjoyed in reading your bucket list.
    Can't wait for more posts :)

    1. Awe thanks! I've always wanted to go and it was the best trip ever xx

  4. You've now inspired me to add Amsterdam to my own buck-list! The floating flower market is supposed to be stunning and I would love to see some of the history high points here! Thanks for sharing.


    1. I'm so glad yayay! Amsterdam is truly beautiful <3

  5. I totally agree with all of this. Amsterdam is somewhere near the top of my list in places I'd like to go! I'll have to save some of these posts, thanks for sharing!! :)

    Jaycee |

  6. This is such a good list! I've been to Amsterdam but I didn't visit the Anne Frank house as my visit was super short but I'd really like to go.

    Carla x

    1. Despite all the queuing it was definitely worth it! xx

  7. I'd love to visit Amsterdam and especially to see a cheese factory! But that flower market is gorgeous too, and exploring the canals would be fun...obviously I'd have to spend quite some time there to see everything!


    1. Yep it was a struggle for us cramming it all into 3 days but i'd love to go on a longer holiday there <3

  8. I would love to visit the Anne Frank house. Lovely post, Morgs! x


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