Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Top Spots at Disney // Wanderlust 03

Hey lovelies! So last week I was in Paris and you know what that means... I got to visit basically the most magical place in the world: DISNEY LAND.  And on it's 25th Anniversary year too! I've loved Disney ever since I was a kid (I mean who didn't) and although I've lost the Snow White dress, fading mickey mouse toys, and plastic tiaras since then, the excitement I had for that day was like I was 4 years old all over again! We tried our hardest to get as much done around the park as possible in the day that we visited, racing between queues for rides, exploring all the hidden shops and sets, and watching the parade and by the end I was able to cross almost everything off our map. Anyway in today's post I wanted to share with you my top spots at Disney, with all the hidden and underrated places, tips on beating the queues and of course all the aesthetic Disney-themed pictures from my visit. My only regret is not buying that gigantic Stitch stuffed toy like you can see in the polaroid but hey maybe I'll save that for another visit to Disney Land Paris, maybe even with my friends in the future...

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Italy Bucket List // Wanderlust 02

Hey lovelies ... so long time no speak I know! As I type this it's currently the last leg of my roadtrip: France but this past week I have had zero wifi so I guess that explains it. It's actually kind of embarrassing how much I missed wifi this week haha and how dependant I was on it, but it's also given me the chance to just unwind with my family and visit amazing places like Saint Trapez and Monte Carlo which I've always wanted to go to. Anyway, enough about France, this week I wanted to do another Bucket List for Italy (which now feels like years ago compared to just last week!) The area we stayed in was Lake Como, famous for it's beautiful scenery, gorgeous italian towns and even where George Clooney has his holiday villa. Out of all the places we've been to so far, this definitely comes a close second after Amsterdam as my favourite and so I hope you find this bucket list of things to do // try // and eat here interesting!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Vegan Lunch Box Ideas // Bento Style!

Hey lovelies! So it's Week 3 of my Summer Roadtrip and I am typing from Switzerland ahh! It feels so strange being in a different country every time I put a new post up but I'm loving it haha. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I started seeing so many youtube videos, blog posts and pinterest boards on my newest obsession: Bento Boxes. These are originally from Japan but as well as being a super cute way to organise and display your food, they're actually really practical for taking to work and school and since it's been forever since I last did I foodie post, today I thought I would show you three healthy vegan lunchbox ideas I put together. You can buy actual bento boxes here, but since I don't own any yet I just had to work with what I had using these three containers that's compartments looked like the bento boxes. Even though I don't want to say the dreaded words *back to school* since it's the middle of Summer for most of us including me, I hope this gives you a little inspo for school lunches when you go back!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Amsterdam Bucket List // Wanderlust 01

Hey lovelies! Throwing in a cheeky double post this week because I just could not wait to do a travel-related post. Since I'm going to a lot of different countries in Europe on my Summer Roadtrip, I was thinking a lot about the best way to write about each of them on my blog and so I decided to do my own Bucket List for some of them. In here I'll basically show you all the things I got up to and would recommend there as well as pictures and a kinda diary for myself of my Summer. To start: AMSTERDAM! It had always been one of my dream places to go, and so during my 3-day stay there on the trip there was so much I wanted to see and do. I packed as much as I could into those three days, there were tours, flea markets, museums, coffee shops and canal trips but out of everything I thought I'd show you all the things I managed to tick off my Bucket List!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

My Month in Polaroids // July

Hello lovelies! Currently typing from The Black Forest in Germany in this post - which is absolutely boiling at the moment - but gorgeous all the same! As I've mentioned in quite a few posts, recently I bought myself a polaroid camera and while I've showed you it in my Love List ect. I realised I never actually showed the individual polaroids. I've loved taking pictures on it so far, especially on this holiday is such a great way to capture memories from country to country, and so in this post I thought I would start something new and do a 'My Month in Polaroids' post. Basically showing you all the polaroids I've taken this month and like a sum up of July if you know what I mean. Let me know if you enjoy this style of post because I'd love to do an August one!

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