Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Phone Case Lovin' // Caseapp GIVEAWAY!

Hello lovelies! This month, Caseapp very kindly gave me the opportunity to design my own phone cases (two in fact!) from their website to share with you guys as well as an amazing giveaway if you stick around to the end too. I've always had quite plain phone cases and skins, so when the company approached me about designing a new one on their website I was so excited. I tried out so many different designs when making these (think cactus patterns...quotes...everything!) but eventually after forever scrolling through and adding things on the website this is what I settled on. Being a teen, I must admit I'm pretty much always on my phone, and while the design is cute, it's also super important to me to have a strong phone case that's actually going to protect your phone. The number of times I've dropped mine is ridiculous haha, but as of weeks of trying it out I can honestly say I'm so impressed with the quality of these cases and I would really recommend entering the giveaway if you want to make your own. Anyway, I ended up making one for myself, and the other for a friend and I thought I'd show you guys and take you through how easy it is to make them!

PHONE CASE NO.1: (Samsung s4)

As you can see, I kind of went for an unintentional marble theme with these! Firstly here's my one, designed for a Samsung phone and one I chose a matte finish for. I had seen loads of these marble-texture cases online or on tumblr and really wanted to recreate one like it. I chose a combination of black marble, white marble and then a little pop of teal (my favourite colour) to compliment the rest of it, but it can look really pretty with all different textures or colours. The Caseapp website does have backgrounds and patterns ect. but I found these marble textures from google since there are so many to choose from. 

PHONE CASE NO. 2: (iPhone 5)

My friend is obsessed with Superfruit these youtubers // singers and so I sort of wanted to include this in the phone case but without making is super 'in-your-face.' Instead I opted for a black marble background (since she likes to think she's all emo haha) with the lil' Superfruit Logo across it. I love this because even though it's got the channel icon bit in there, it's not really obvious so you'd have to know them to recognise the channel icon and I think it would be such a cute surprise for another fan to notice it. Again to make this one, I layered the black marble (just from a picture on google) with the icon!

Overall I am so happy with how these turned out! Super easy to make and great quality, meaning it will definitely be protecting my phone as I'm out and about. The actual price of these were £19 each but if you're interested I actually have an exclusive 20% discount code OHMORGS for you to try it out for yourself! And did you like my glitter in the backgrounds of the photos haha? I may have got a bit overexcited with it but I love the way it came out in the photos.
And finally onto the giveaway part! If you guys want the chance to design your very own Caseapp product (think phonecase // laptop skin // ipad case... anything you choose!) enter the simple steps below. The giveaway ends this time in 2x weeks where I will DM the winner with the 100% off code, good luck!

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  1. marble phone covers are always my fav! so so pretty and chic at the same time! I have never bought anything from caseapp but hear to much about them! xx corinne

  2. those cases are so beautiful. I'm so loving the whole marble print trend at the moment, I mean it's an all time favourite but wow! I love it! I love the look of the first phone case! x

    Sami //

  3. I love marble phone cases, but these are just gorgeous!! Such a lovely post x

  4. These are so cute, so cool that you can design your own case! x

  5. I love that you can choose your own design! These are so cool, love them 😍

  6. That's amazing that you can create your own case! I'm loving marble and pink at the moment! xo

    Hanney |

  7. I think I like the first one the best. This giveaway is so cool!

  8. Your designs are really cute! Thanks for hosting this giveaway :) of

  9. I like phone case No 2.

  10. These are so cute!! I love designing my own cases xx

    Sophie xx //

  11. Such amazing cases, I love both, look so pretty, thank you for sharing!!!


  12. Both the cases looks very elegant and pretty. I personally liked that case for iPhone 5. I like black color so I kind of liked it. Thanks for sharing this cases design.

    iPhone 5s custom cases

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