Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My Roadtrip Snacks + Essentials!

Hello lovelies! So it's officially Summer and you know what that means ... roadtrip season! Time to stock up on car sweets // have arguments over who get's to hold the map // and have crazy long car-karaoke sessions with your favourite people. As much as I love planes, there's something quite exciting about the prospect of a roadtrip, and how unpredictable and fun they can be. This Summer, my family and I are going on a huge roadtrip around Europe (all through Belgium, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France) with of course a lil' detour to Disneyland Paris on the way home! I can't wait to go, even if it means being packed into a car with my sisters for day's on end but it got me thinking about what I'm going to pack in my travel backpack. In today's post I thought I'd show you guys all my favourite snacks + essentials for roadtrips, complete with food, books and music to keep you going on those long journeys.

01) CD's for the Car

Definitely an essential for me is some good music! Especially those albums you know will be so much fun to sing along to on the journey, and everyone will have a hilarious car karaoke session to. The best thing is if everyone each chooses a different album to take and then you can take turns along the trip until you've basically listened to everyone's music taste!

02) HeadPhones

Kind of going against the last one, but headphones! When you want a bit of peace and to listen to your own tunes, flick through spotify, or catch up with a netflix episode you downloaded earlier these will be so handy.

03) Fuji Instax Polaroid Camera

Any kind of camera would be an essential for me, whether it's my phone one, canon camera or even this polaroid camera which I am literally obsessed with! I love the 'no-retake' element of this and it can be so cute snap pics along the way and capture those funny moments you might just delete on your average camera roll. Just watch you bring enough film with you!

04) Graze Protein Bites

Now onto the food! Even though it's tempting to binge on any unhealthy food in sight on a long car journey, eating well is going to make you feel 100x better in the long run. To beat that sluggish feeling when I've been sitting in the car all day, I love these Graze Protein bites. As well as tasting like delicious flapjack-style things, they are a perfect bite-size boost to keep you going.

05) Chewing Gum

Enough said, everyone can do with a tub of chewing gum for a roadtrip. Perfect for sharing, breath-freshening and all-round tasting great. This small tub was only £1 and has 54 pieces, definitely enough to last you!

06) Tracker Cereal Bars

I have been obsessed with these tracker bars recently! I usually have one after the gym since they have lot of protein in, but they're a delicious bar in between meals on the road anywhere. There are also chocolate flavoured ones within the range but my fave has to be this roasted peanut one!

07) Books for the Journey

Whether you're an avid reader or not, when boredom strikes ... a couple of good books are definitely an essential for me! Before you go on holiday, be sure to pick out a few books // magazines // or novels to throw into your travel backpack. This roadtrip I'm planning to take a few kindle books I downloaded, plus my Henry Carroll photography book, and my Milk and Honey poetry book which I love!

08) Passport

Pretty self-explanatory since you won't be able to get anywhere without it, but particularly when you're travelling between lots of different countries on a roadtrip, keeping your passport close by in a backpack is definitely useful!

09) Phone

Because what would I do without it haha? Whether it's for listening to music, replying to snap chats, or taking pictures along the way, my phone is essential. Also, now the laws have changed, it means my data plans work in any countries, which is great.  

10) Water Bottle 

Because staying hydrated (especially on long, hot journey's) is so important! Always be sure to carry a water bottle with you, and if your not a fan of plain water, try spicing it up with some mint // fruit // or other flavours.

11) Spotify Playlists

I have so many playlists on spotify and I love making themed ones for holidays and roadtrips. As well as compiling all your current favourite songs into one place, it can also be so cute to look back on. Just picture going back to that playlist a few years later and it reminding you of that trip and all those nostalgic feels of the songs you used to love.

12) Mini Makeup Bag

On long roadtrips, carrying a little mini makeup bag, filled with all your personal essentials, is so useful for when you want to freshen up or just look a bit less like a sleep-deprived human who's been sitting in a car all day! For me, this includes some body spray, concealer, lip balm, deodorant and mascara but it's entirely up to you.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know what your Roadtrip essentials are in the comments... or if you've even been on one before? Also I am over the moon to be taking my Polaroid camera with me on the trip! I had always wanted one and last week I pretty much just gave in a decided 'why not' and as well as capturing funny memories with friends it's going to be so perfect for holiday. That's it for today but I will speak to you lovelies next week with a fun collab and giveaway post!




  1. My favourite things on the list are the Graze things & books! I can't go anywhere without snacks and a good book. Fab post xx

    Jazmin -

    1. Ah those Graze bites are just the most delicious things! x

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  3. Great tips! I found that photography book in my local Waterstones and absolutely loved it! Will defo go buy it soon! x

    1. It's so great! And something I'll never get tired of reading x

  4. Lovely list of tips and tricks for road trips, I always take a book for long journeys x

  5. Enjoy your travels! Hydration is definitely key for me- lots of water, and lots of lipbalm! I also like to bring some cozy socks or at least comfy shoes for the long spaces in the car. x

    1. Ah yep comfy socks are definitely an essential too! x

  6. I really would like to go on a road trip now!!

  7. I definitely need to try those Graze bits, they sound and look amazing!

    Anika xo |

    1. So cute and perfect for travel! TY x

  8. Lovely post!xx
    Have a great day!

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  9. A Polaroid would definitely be top of my list of things to take, you've got to document the memories! X


    1. There such cute camera's to save memories! Can't wait to scrapbook the all x

  10. Couldn't agree more with these items!! I am so sad my Polaroid camera broke on me though :(

    Enclothed Cognition

  11. Going on a road trip around Europe sounds so cool! That sounds so fun. I would love to have all of these things on a road trip.

    1. Thank you, I'm counting down the days... !


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