Wednesday, 26 July 2017

July Love List!

Hey lovelies! How's your week going? As I mentioned in my Roadtrip Essentials Post, this month I'm travelling around Europe and so it looks like in each post I'll be typing from a different country! Currently I'm in Bruge which has been fantastic so far, we spent the last couple of days exploring the city, eating out at lots of restaurants, and tomorrow we're off to Amsterdam. Despite all the travelling though, I couldn't miss out on a Love List, and in July I have had quite a few favourites and some cheeky new purchases (*cough* polaroid camera) that are featured in this post. If you're interested in seeing what I was loving this time last year, you can click here to read my Love List from July 2016, but if you're into some recent stuff I hope you enjoy reading my rambles about favourites from this month!

01. Fairtrade Foot Lotion - Lush (£13.25)

Summer means my 'little piggies' as Lush says haha, definitely need a little more care and this lotion from Lush has been my favourite thing lately! It's something from Lush that was actually recommended to me by my grandma, since she's sworn by it for years, and I can see why now. The lotion is pink in colour, with a fresh and minty scent and not super-oily which I find so annoying in lotions. Would really recommend this Lush product (and it's Fairtrade too which is even better!)

02. Cocoa Vanilla Protein Bites - Graze (£2.50)

I mentioned these in my Roadtrip Essentials post a few weeks ago, and they really have been my essential this month. After gym sessions // or when travelling like I am doing at the moment, these little protein bites have been amazing. As well as being made from really good natural ingredients, they are delicious and literally taste like a bite-size pudding haha. I've taken so many of these with me on the roadtrip this month!

03. Marine Collagen Eye Gel - Peachy Fox (£12.99)

This product was actually sent to me by a company this month, and while there was no obligation for me to post about it on my blog, I honestly just felt I had to because I have LOVED it this month. I've tried many eye gels and creams, all claiming to 'magically vanish' dark circles and so I didn't really have high hopes for this but I was pleasantly surprised. It has been amazing at reducing puffiness and lightening my under-eyes, and I love the fact that the brand is Vegan too and completely natural!

Instax Polaroid Camera - Fujifilm (£59)
Camera Case - Katia (£12.99)

Ahh and onto my favourite buy this month ... my polaroid camera! I had wanted one of these for years and I don't know why but this month I finally decided to 'just go for it' and bought it! I chose the fujifilm instax one in the colour Grape (although I spent forever choosing colours haha) and it came complete with a pack of 10 film ready to be used. So far I've taken 4 polaroids on this and I absolutely love it, it's so much fun to capture moments with since I love the one-take element of it, and even though the film is expensive to buy, for me personally it's worth it. I'll be taking this with me in it's little case all around Amsterdam, and by the end of the Summer I'll have enough polaroids to put in my scrapbook or even decorate my room with!

Marble Phone Case - Caseapp (£19)

Ever since I got this case at the start of July, I've been obsessed! It's so nice to have a phone case that I genuinely like and looks cute in pictures (*cough* mirror selfies hehe!) compared to a plain one like I used to have and I loved designing this. The phone case is from Caseapp, a company I actually did a post with a few weeks ago, and if you're interested in designing a product of your own for free I actually have a giveaway running on my blog still. You'll have to be quick since there are only a few days left to enter but good luck!




  1. Wow £59 is pretty good for one of those cameras. I always buy those graze snacks when I'm at the airport- they're really good! I'd like to see New Zealand, but Austria and Greece are top of my list at the moment :)

    1. Ikr, I saw some that went up to £120! Ah Austria and Greece are so beautiful you'd love them x

  2. Nice post! I've never tried the foot lotion from Lush but I have tried a lot of their skincare. My favourite product has to be Grease Lightning as it is a great spot treatment.

    1. I've never tried that product but I know so many bloggers who have raved about it! Ty ro <3

  3. Awh I love these posts! My friend has an Instax Polaroid camera and I love it!
    Robyn //

    1. Awhh thank you I love writing them! x


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