Wednesday, 26 July 2017

July Love List!

Hey lovelies! How's your week going? As I mentioned in my Roadtrip Essentials Post, this month I'm travelling around Europe and so it looks like in each post I'll be typing from a different country! Currently I'm in Bruge which has been fantastic so far, we spent the last couple of days exploring the city, eating out at lots of restaurants, and tomorrow we're off to Amsterdam. Despite all the travelling though, I couldn't miss out on a Love List, and in July I have had quite a few favourites and some cheeky new purchases (*cough* polaroid camera) that are featured in this post. If you're interested in seeing what I was loving this time last year, you can click here to read my Love List from July 2016, but if you're into some recent stuff I hope you enjoy reading my rambles about favourites from this month!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Summer Style Swap // with Olivia Alesha!

Hey lovelies! How are you all? As you read this it is currently my last day of school before Summer, as well as the 2 Year Blogiversary of Just Morgs. That feels so crazy to think, that 2 years ago on the 17th July 2015 I uploaded my first ever post (a cringy Summer Bucket List!) and from then how far I've come... 
I feel like I don't say this enough, but I really am so grateful for 'this' and all of you who are still reading, my internet friends, brands and everyone who's kept me blogging for all this time. One of my best friends, Olivia, also started her blog at the same time as me 2 Years ago and it seems so fitting to be doing a collab post with her this week! The last time we met up, Olivia and I decided to do a 'Style Swap' where we swapped outfits and clothes that we would wear with each other and had fun taking photos in them and just messing about with our fancy cameras in her garden! In my post I'm going to be showing you the outfit Olivia picked for out for me, and if you're interested in seeing my style on her, Olivia's post should be going up on Sunday!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Phone Case Lovin' // Caseapp GIVEAWAY!

Hello lovelies! This month, Caseapp very kindly gave me the opportunity to design my own phone cases (two in fact!) from their website to share with you guys as well as an amazing giveaway if you stick around to the end too. I've always had quite plain phone cases and skins, so when the company approached me about designing a new one on their website I was so excited. I tried out so many different designs when making these (think cactus patterns...quotes...everything!) but eventually after forever scrolling through and adding things on the website this is what I settled on. Being a teen, I must admit I'm pretty much always on my phone, and while the design is cute, it's also super important to me to have a strong phone case that's actually going to protect your phone. The number of times I've dropped mine is ridiculous haha, but as of weeks of trying it out I can honestly say I'm so impressed with the quality of these cases and I would really recommend entering the giveaway if you want to make your own. Anyway, I ended up making one for myself, and the other for a friend and I thought I'd show you guys and take you through how easy it is to make them!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My Roadtrip Snacks + Essentials!

Hello lovelies! So it's officially Summer and you know what that means ... roadtrip season! Time to stock up on car sweets // have arguments over who get's to hold the map // and have crazy long car-karaoke sessions with your favourite people. As much as I love planes, there's something quite exciting about the prospect of a roadtrip, and how unpredictable and fun they can be. This Summer, my family and I are going on a huge roadtrip around Europe (all through Belgium, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France) with of course a lil' detour to Disneyland Paris on the way home! I can't wait to go, even if it means being packed into a car with my sisters for day's on end but it got me thinking about what I'm going to pack in my travel backpack. In today's post I thought I'd show you guys all my favourite snacks + essentials for roadtrips, complete with food, books and music to keep you going on those long journeys.

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