Sunday, 4 June 2017

Bullet Journal Page Ideas // Inspo!

Hey lovelies, how's you half term going? This week was the first time in forever that I missed a posting day ahh, and so this Sunday I was desperate to put one up for you. I had the post all done but it was one of those ones were I just sat back and looked at it and was like 'meh' and I guess I didn't seem the point in putting a 'meh' post up when (with a little more time) I could just make something I was genuinely happy with. So that post was scrapped... and instead I thought I'd show you one of my favourite things at the moment and something I can definitely talk passionately about haha: My Bullet Journal. You might remember my post called 'Bullet Journal Blogging' back in October where I had just begun one, and while I did use that notebook for a good 6 months, a lot has changed since then. Last month I got a new bullet journal (complete with proper lil' dotted pages yas!) and so I decided to restart and through this month I have been absolutely loving it. As I was planning out my June Log, I thought why not share with you guys a little bit of inspo and a peek into my own journal, as well as lots of cool page ideas and inspiration! 

Contents Page:

Firstly in my Journal, I decided to add a contents page (which was something I had missed out before!) I love this because it's super adaptable and you can add numbers to the different logs in your journal as well as writing new pages in as you go along. Mine's still a work in progress since I've only just begun using all the pages so over time it should all fill up!

Monthly Plan:

Since this journal is new, I haven't done this with every month but after watching a ton of 'June Plan with Me' bullet journal youtube videos I thought I would give a monthly plan page a go. I imagine I'd do each month slightly differently each time, but for my June Page I used watercolours to make a cute banner background and then did the same with a callendar on the right page, circling in all my important dates that month and goals. 

Mood in Pixels: 

This page has to be one of my favourites! Bullet Journalling is great for logs or 'habit trackers' and so I made this Mood in Pixels one to track how I'm feeling each day. The way it works is I have a little table of the days in each month, and a key on the side, so for each day I colour a square to show how I felt. That way at the end of the month I can see roughly if there were more green // blue squares that month (good) vs red // orange (bad)

Brain Dump Page and Monthly Blog Plan:

I had this in my old bullet journal, but these two pages are so helpful as a blogger! The Monthly Plan is an amazing visual sorta way of planning out blog posts and the Brain Dump is also great for jotting down random ideas. You can see from my scribbles little ideas about that Vegan Nice Cream post from weeks ago or future blog post ideas like this one!

My Weekly Plan Page:

Weekly, this is the kind of spread I make to keep me organised during the week. The great thing about bullet journalling is you can design everything to suit your own needs, so for my one I like to include a callendar of that month at the top, surrounded by lots of little boxes for each day where I write tasks and 'to do' sorts of things for the day. I also include a 'Don't forget' and 'This Week' box, and at the bottom of each one something I've started doing recently is including a water glasses part. In there I colour a square for each glass of water I've had that day to try and encourage me to drink more!

Books to Read Page:

This idea I found of Pintrest and I love it! The idea is you draw out a bookshelf like mine above and for each book you've read you can write in the title and colour it in. As I've only just started it I only have one haha but by the end of the year the aim is to fill the whole bookshelf up with colour. It's another tracker sort of thing but far more creative and fun!

Font // Banner Ideas:

And finally, through making all these pages I've found lots of cool ways of displaying the title pages ect. in those fancy tumblr fonts so I thought I'd show you guys for a little inspo! I drew all of them out onto a piece of paper so I can kinda use it as a visual guide when deciding how I might draw titles or banners in my bullet journal and it comes in super handy. They're all so simple to copy as well (I mean, this is all I've learnt from scrolling through other people's online!) and as well as this I sometimes cut shapes out of watercolour paintings like my 'June' page from before which I love the look of!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! And let me know whether you like these short, picture-heavy kind of Inspo posts like this and my ScrapBook Inspo post because I'l be sure to do more of them if you do. Anyway, happy June (crazy I know!) and I'll speak to you next week. 




  1. I've recently adopted the mood in pixels practice, and I'm loving it! A great way to look at my moods and be more mindful. Loving all these ideas and all of that beautiful watercolor work!

    Amber ||

    1. Such a good tracker idea I love it!! x

  2. Oooh I've been looking into bullet journals and this is perfect inspo! I love how creative and visually pleasing they look!
    Robyn //

    1. Ikr, so pretty to look at as well as plan x

  3. I love your drawings! They are so nice! So perfect! Your bullet journal is so cool! I really need to start on! And i would need one to stay organized! xx corinne

  4. I've been looking to bullet journals and this has gave me some great inspiration. Love how creative you get with it!
    C x

  5. Your bullet journel seriously looks amazing! So cute. :)

  6. I adore the design of your bullet planner!! X

  7. I love posts like this! Would you believe I asked for a dotted notebook for Christmas, an expensive one, and STILL haven't started one? These pictures are so inspiring, though! I love what you've done with your bullet journal, especially the water colour headings, and the banner ideas. This is totally something I'm turning to for inspiration when/if (let's face it) I start my own!

    1. Start it yass haha! I'm so glad you like it Rebekah x

  8. This is so super prettyy!! xo

  9. These look so cute! i LOVE your handwriting!
    - Angel xo

  10. Your bullet journal method is so good,I admire it. Did you mention watching Youtubers' bullet journals? Have you ever stumbled across the YouTube channel, AmandaRachLee?

    #sweetreats xx

    1. Yes I have and I love her vids! Do you watch them too?? xx


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