Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June Love List!

Hey lovelies! How are you all? It's that time of the month for a Love List and with new music releases // shopping splurges // and my trip to France I have ended up with quite a few favourites to show you this month. I usually talk a little bit about how I'm feeling in these Love Lists and for this month I've honestly been a bit all over the place! I've had a few good weeks and then the odd days where I've felt anxious and low all day for absolutely no reason, like today. It's like whenever I'm feeling feeling good and happy about myself for a while my brain decides 'nope we're just kidding' and throws a bad day at me aha. Anyway I hope you enjoy this Love List and you may notice the background is a little different. Taking advantage of the crazy hot weather here in England atm I ended up taking the pictures outside and I kind of love how they turned out! Giving me all the Summery Vibes <3

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

5 Youtubers for Mental Health and Body Confidence!

Hey lovelies! So a few weeks ago I kind of went through a downwards spiral in terms of my mood //  mental health // and confidence and although I never mentioned it on here ... it was quite a rubbish time for me. It's so hard to 'fix' things when they're all in your head but while I was feeling so low I ended up watching a lot more of certain youtubers and I cannot tell you how much it helped. Most parents find it baffling how much of an impact a youtuber behind a screen can have on someone, but it really is true and today I wanted to share with you my favourite youtubers 'for mental health and body confidence.' All these channels helped me so much in uplifting my mood and gradually getting my confidence back to normal, some through advice videos and others through music or poetry, but I love every one of them for their unique styles. If you're ever feeling down or are suffering with things like mental health or body confidence, please please please try watching these youtubers and I hope they make you feel as happy watching them as I do!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Raw Vegan KeyLime Cheesecake // Clean Eats 01

Hey lovelies! I love experimenting with foods and since I spend half my life on Pinterest (don't we all!) there have been quite a few healthy or creative Vegan recipes that I've picked up over the past month. As a way of sort of compiling them together, I thought I would start a 'Clean Eats' series, filled with recipes, ideas or even just inspo for you guys (including especially the sweet things...because I definitely have a sweet tooth!) For the first recipe in this 'Clean Eats' series I thought I'd show you this all-natural Vegan Keylime Cheesecake I made last week. It's so delicious and sweet with that classic American 'Keylime' flavour and although I've swapped a few ingredients out and added my own flavours I owe the original recipe to the Peta website. Instead of biscuit, the base is made from an almond and maple syrup mixture, and the top from coconut milk, lime and lots of natural ingredients as opposed to processed ones. It's also raw so wooooh 'you can't burn anything!' 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Bullet Journal Page Ideas // Inspo!

Hey lovelies, how's you half term going? This week was the first time in forever that I missed a posting day ahh, and so this Sunday I was desperate to put one up for you. I had the post all done but it was one of those ones were I just sat back and looked at it and was like 'meh' and I guess I didn't seem the point in putting a 'meh' post up when (with a little more time) I could just make something I was genuinely happy with. So that post was scrapped... and instead I thought I'd show you one of my favourite things at the moment and something I can definitely talk passionately about haha: My Bullet Journal. You might remember my post called 'Bullet Journal Blogging' back in October where I had just begun one, and while I did use that notebook for a good 6 months, a lot has changed since then. Last month I got a new bullet journal (complete with proper lil' dotted pages yas!) and so I decided to restart and through this month I have been absolutely loving it. As I was planning out my June Log, I thought why not share with you guys a little bit of inspo and a peek into my own journal, as well as lots of cool page ideas and inspiration! 

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