Friday, 29 December 2017

12 Things I Achieved in in 2017 // Year-In-Review!

Hey lovelies! It's a bit of an awkward time of year isn't it? You know that stage in between Christmas and The New Year where no one quite knows what to do with themselves, and people are either still hanging onto Christmas songs or planning out their New Year's Resolutions. I've seen so many New Year's Resolutions blog posts lately but whether you agree with the whole 'New Year, New Me' thing or not, I think the more important thing to be doing at this time of year, that people seem to forget... is looking back on what you actually achieved this Year! 2017 has been a crazy year and I've definitely changed a lot more that I realised this year - all it takes is a little scroll through my snapchat memories and I'm shocked! So instead, here's: 12 THINGS I ACHIEVED IN 2017. Some of these are blogging related; others life related goals or mini-achievements that just made my 2017. 

Saturday, 23 December 2017

My Cosy Christmas Eve Essentials!

Hey lovelies! As I type this it's the 23rd of December (2 DAYS LEFT to enter my giveaway) and although I told myself I wouldn't I really wanted to squeeze in another post before Christmas for you guys!
For me, Christmas Eve for me is just as good as the 25th because it's that day that's the most full of hope, and lights, and christmas magic and kind of like 'the peak' of the festive season. I know everyone has different Christmas Eve traditions (some people even open some of their presents that night?) but for me Christmas Eve is always the most cozy, chilled evening surrounded by family. It mainly consists of hot chocolates, cosy jumpers and way too competitive board games but I always love Christmas Eve and in this post I thought I'd show you my 'Cosy Xmas Eve' essentials in preparation for tomorrow! Hope you enjoy and since this is my last Christmas post of 2017, I hope you all have a lovely holiday and enjoy every minute spending time with the people you love and relaxing this Christmas.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Cute Christmas Tree Brownies! // Recipe

Hello lovelies! Since I just broke up from school this Friday, I am feeling as chilled and Christmassy as ever right now, and it means I now have a whole lot more time for some Festive Baking Posts on my blog now. I spotted pictures of this Christmas-Tree-Brownie idea on my Pinterest 
as something new compared to mince pies  (which I remember making a post for this time two years ago.) This is such a cute idea if you're looking to make some cute treats for friends or family coming round during December, and while I stuck to your typical brownie recipe you could also add all sorts of festive flavours like cinnamon, peppermint or mincemeat to them... it's entirely up to you! So just grab your baking essentials, some chocolate and a whole lot of sprinkles and enjoy this recipe. Also, let me know what other Recipes you'd like me to try out on my blog this Blogmas season? Feel free to drop me a message on my twitter and I will try my best for you guys because Christmas food is my absolute favourite.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Cute Festive Phone-Case GIVEAWAY // Christmas with Caseapp!

Hey lovelies! So if you haven't already entered my first Christmas Giveaway today, *surprise* I'm bringing to you another one on Just Morgs but this time with the help of Caseapp. You might remember a post from a few months ago where I designed and reviewed some phone cases from the company (which I loved and still have on my phone right now!) but this month Caseapp also very kindly offered to let me design some Festive ones specifically to Giveaway to you guys.

I spent lots of time designing these 3x Christmas Cases for you, getting inspo from Pintrest and doing twitter polls to find out which cases were the most popular, and so I really hope you like them as much as I do. Although these cases (from left, to right) are designed for the iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and iPhone 7 these can be both for yourself or to make the perfect festive gift this month. For the chance to win all 3 of these Christmas Phone Cases (worth £40+) just follow the simple steps below and let me know in the comments which design is your favourite!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 10 December 2017

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas // Thrifted Lookbook!

Hello lovelies. So lately with Christmas season and everything I've been doing a whole lot of shopping, and that little spending log in my Bullet Journal for this month... well let's just say I've run out of space! Something I bit new though that I'm really into at the moment though, is thrift shopping and I feel like until now I really having taken advantage of living in London and all amazing vintage stores // charity shops // and thrift stores around here. If you're not fussed about second-hand stuff and know the right places to look, thift shopping is great for finding unique vintage clothes or cheap branded clothes that you might never find again, and in this whole trip I only ended up spending £25 for the items I bought! Anyway it's been a while since I've done any style-related posts so I thought I'd throw in a little Winter Lookbook post for you this week, taking you through a day out shopping in Brick Lane last week. a few new pieces I'm obsessed with, and all the festive photos because this is a December Lookbook after all right? I've tried my best to link all the clothes or similar alternatives  in this post, but since they're thrifted I ended up buying these for over half the price they're actually worth!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Christmas Gift-Bundle Giveaway // ENDS 25th DECEMBER!

Hey lovelies! So I've been planning a Christmas Giveaway on my Blog for ages as a kind of thank you and 'Christmas Pressie' to all of you who have kept up with me and Just Morgs this year. It's been a whirlwind of a year but the Christmas Season is my absolute favourite, and it feels crazy to think that it's my 3rd ever Christmas on my blog. In this Giveaway there's a selection of Festive Goodies (listed below) all in a big bundle of beauty / christmas movies / lifestyle and basically just Christmas in a box! All of the items inside have been carefully picked out and the phone case even designed by me (with the help of Caseapp) so I hope you enjoy.

For the chance to win everything in the box just follow the steps below! The giveaway is run on Rafflecopter and ends on the 25 / 12 / 17 for UK ONLY. Also, make sure to follow me on twitter as I will be announcing the giveaway winner on there on the 25th. Good Luck and KEEP CHECKING BACK TO THIS POST FOR EXTRA ENTRIES TOO. 


Mini-Yankee Candle Christmas Set
Batiste Styling Spray
Festive iPhone 5s Case (made by yours truly!)
MUA Eyeshadow Palette
The Grinch Christmas Movie
A Handwritten Christmas Card from me. 


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

21 Ways to Instantly Feel more Festive!

So I don't know about you but there some years where I am absolutely Christmas-Crazy by even October. Like decorating the whole house, practically hugging the Christmas Tree and 'can someone pass me all those mince pies, please?' But other years, it takes me a little longer to get into the Festive Spirit and I know it's the same for a lot of people too.. so to kickstart December here's a list of all my favourite typical Christmassy Activities and things to tick off. 21 Little things that will instantly make you feel more festive and lift your spirits if you're not excited already! Hope you enjoy my first Christmassy post this year and keep an eye-out for another GIVEAWAY post coming soon on my blog. 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Green-Tea Energy Balls // Pre-Workout Recipe!

Hello lovelies! So you all know already that I love Matcha and so whenever the opportunity comes up to use this vibrant lil' green powder in a recipe I can't help myself, hence this foodie post: GREEN-TEA ENERGY BALLS. 
You might remember my Chocolate Chia Balls post from a while ago where I showed you my favourite recipe for some healthy bite-size treats but while that's more of a dessert kind of one, these Green Tea Energy Balls are specifically for that small burst of healthy energy you need right before a Workout.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Black Friday 2017 // Discounts and Deals you need to know!

Hey lovelies! So I don't know about you but *when it hits Black Friday* NO WAY am I here for the panicked frenzy in the shopping centre... or the crowds of panicked girls trying to get the last set ripped jeans at Primark! No, Instead I'm definitely an online shopper and I feel like in the weeks leading up to Black Friday you can always get more for your money that way than when you're stuck in the middle of a shopping frenzy on a Friday morning. I was originally planning this for closer, well ya know, actual Black Friday (November 4th 2017) but since so many shops are trying to beat each other to it and start their deals early I thought this post was needed now. 

Think of this as your own personal shopping page: filled with all the fun discounts and deals you actually care about (no Amzon Primer deals on vacuum cleaners here!) More like the cute clothes, makeup deals and present-buying that you can treat 'yo self to this Black Friday or just to get ahead on buying Christmas presents with!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Fairy Lights + November Nights // Photography Post 1

Hey lovelies! Happy November and is it just me... or can you hear Christmas music already? I swear as soon as it hits November 1st the countdown begins haha, but I'm not complaining I love this time of year! Anyway, today I've decided to share with you something I don't often really on my blog: My photography. I love, love, love photography and have done for ages now, I'm always experimenting and messing about it whenever I can convince my friends to be 'models' for me and I love how different it can be to standard flat-lay sort of blog photography. I recently did a lil' shoot with my best friend and in this post I thought I would show you my process, final photos and all the outtakes which I always find interesting to see.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Soho Lunch Date + Meeting my Internet Friend in Real Life!

Hey lovelies, so last weekend I did something I never dreamed would ever come out of Blogging when I first started: I MET MY BEST INTERNET FRIEND IN REAL LIFE
Sofia (from and I have been talking since we both set up our blogs in 2015 which is crazy and since we both live in London we finally met for the first time on Saturday. The day was amazing. A cute lunch date in Oxford Street, then an explore around Covent Garden and Soho, cupcakes and talking for ages about everything from School Stress to Blogging to Halloween! It was so surreal meeting Sofia face-to-face for the first time and literally one of the best things that could've come out of blogging for me. You guys should definitely check out her blog if you haven't already, she posts the most gorgeous travel and photography posts which you'd love... Anyway in this post I thought I'd share a few snaps from our day in London!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Let's talk blog photography // Finding your Aesthetic

Hello lovelies! I thought this Autumn I would introduce another blogging series similar to my #bloggingchatter posts (which you can read HERE) but all about my favourite part of blogging: Photography.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Homemade Pumpkin-Spice Hot Chocolate // Fall Recipe

  Hey lovelies! So Autumn is basically the season of hot drinks and well - if you're basic like me - PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING,
 and so I thought a Fall-Themed recipe was definitely due this month. I've been loving hot chocolate lately, perfect for those cold days after school, curled up on the sofa watching The Great British Bake off (or flicking through revision notes in my case most of the time!) where you just want to treat yourself and have that instant comfort of a cup of hot cocoa. But since I'm a fall-obsessed blogger this isn't going to be any old hot choc, it's a fancy lil' Pumpkin spiced one complete with cinnamon, nutmeg and of course a huge swirl of whipped cream. A bit more effort than your average hot chocolate, granted, but it's now my new favourite this and beats just stiring in a bit of Cadbury's powder. Trust me. Anyway I hope you enjoy this October Recipe and if you're in the mood for more fall-themed recipes you can click here to read my DIY Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappe post from this time last year!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Chai Tea + Sunday Rambles

Hello lovelies! Today's post is going to be a chatty one because I've really missed writing these sorts of relaxed posts and they're my favourite kind to read too. So grab your tea and get ready to hear me ramble about everything Autumn / Happiness // GCSE's // and Blog Projects.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

October Plan with Me // Bullet Journal!

Hey lovelies! Welcome to October then, literally my favourite time of year for blogging, where everything is pumpkin-spiced and fall-themed, and I'm so excited for all the posts I've got coming up in October! Like every month, October is a fresh start in my bullet journal, and since the last time I showed a snippet of my September journal plan on twitter it got a ton of positive feedback, I thought I would make a Bullet Journal 'Plan with Me' post. I've binged watched these a lot on youtube lately, where people take you through their journal spread for the month, all the pages they use, and of course all the artsy designs that are great for inspiration! In this 'Plan with Me,' I'll be taking you through my plan for October and how (I hope) I will stay organised this month...ft. an autumn theme to match haha.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

How to Take Good GCSE Notes + Study Tips!

Hey lovelies! So as I've mentioned in a bunch of other posts, this year I'm in Year 10 meaning I've just started all my new GCSE Courses and Subjects (a combination of exciting and scary haha!) So far I'm really enjoying my subjects, I chose Triple Science, French, Product Design and History which are all going okay but one thing that I've definitely been getting used to this year is taking notes. Being a neat-freak and perfectionist (as you guys probably already know from my bullet journal!) I actually really like this, something about writing things out and presenting them how I want always helps me learn and revise better and it's definitely going to come in handy looking back on all of them when I take my GCSE Exams in Year 11. Anyway in this weeks post I thought I would talk you through my best note-taking tips that I've discovered so far and study tips to get those aesthetically pleasing notes... that still actually help you study! Ft. pictures of my own Biology // Chemistry // and English notes for the start of Year 10.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Superfood or Super Fad? // Thoughts + Reviews

Hey lovelies! I talk a lot about health // food on my blog, but one thing I've never really talked about or tried are 'Superfood' powders. Although I've seen these everywhere, from instagram, to Niomi Smart youtube videos, to shelves and shelves of them at Holland and most people I've always been a bit unsure about delving into all these weird-seeming protein powders and superfood shizz! There's just something about not quite understanding what's in them, but being told they're 'so good for you' that I've always been paranoid about. That and the fact that all these trendy superfood blends and special powders are hella expensive too!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Green Buddha Bowl // For a Healthy September!

Hello lovelies! So for a lot of people this month is the start of another year of school // work // college and kinda like New Years... it's a fresh start. I'm sure many of you have seen a 'Buddha Bowl' recipe or two appear across your Instagram or Pintrest Feeds in the past, but lately these little bowls have been my favourite thing (especially for kick-starting a healthy September.) A Buddha bowl is basically just the nickname given to these colourful meals, also called 'power bowls' because they're always loaded with little sections of healthy proteins, vegetables, nuts and grains that make up the vibrant bowl. Apparently the name "Buddha Bowl' comes from the over-stuffed bowl resembling the belly of a Buddha. Whatever you call them though, they're really easy to make, packed with nutrients and with all the different colours and flavours, they're both beautiful and delicious! Although there's no wrong way to make a Buddha bowl, in today's post I'm going to show you how I make my own 'green-themed' bowl that I cannot get enough of at the moment!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How to start Calligraphy // Doodle with me

Hello lovelies! So as you can probably already tell from my Bullet Journal, I am a huge lover of all things calligraphy and lettering and lately I've been practising even more with ink-pens and paints whenever I'm bored. I've always been that girl at school with 'the nice handwriting' but it's mainly because I just find it so therapeutic to do - and once you get started, really easy too! I guess I'll let the photos speak for themselves really in this post, taking you through how I like to do calligraphy, as well as rambling about everything else that's going on in my life right now. Because blogging is therapeutic too right?

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Top Spots at Disney // Wanderlust 03

Hey lovelies! So last week I was in Paris and you know what that means... I got to visit basically the most magical place in the world: DISNEY LAND.  And on it's 25th Anniversary year too! I've loved Disney ever since I was a kid (I mean who didn't) and although I've lost the Snow White dress, fading mickey mouse toys, and plastic tiaras since then, the excitement I had for that day was like I was 4 years old all over again! We tried our hardest to get as much done around the park as possible in the day that we visited, racing between queues for rides, exploring all the hidden shops and sets, and watching the parade and by the end I was able to cross almost everything off our map. Anyway in today's post I wanted to share with you my top spots at Disney, with all the hidden and underrated places, tips on beating the queues and of course all the aesthetic Disney-themed pictures from my visit. My only regret is not buying that gigantic Stitch stuffed toy like you can see in the polaroid but hey maybe I'll save that for another visit to Disney Land Paris, maybe even with my friends in the future...

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Italy Bucket List // Wanderlust 02

Hey lovelies ... so long time no speak I know! As I type this it's currently the last leg of my roadtrip: France but this past week I have had zero wifi so I guess that explains it. It's actually kind of embarrassing how much I missed wifi this week haha and how dependant I was on it, but it's also given me the chance to just unwind with my family and visit amazing places like Saint Trapez and Monte Carlo which I've always wanted to go to. Anyway, enough about France, this week I wanted to do another Bucket List for Italy (which now feels like years ago compared to just last week!) The area we stayed in was Lake Como, famous for it's beautiful scenery, gorgeous italian towns and even where George Clooney has his holiday villa. Out of all the places we've been to so far, this definitely comes a close second after Amsterdam as my favourite and so I hope you find this bucket list of things to do // try // and eat here interesting!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Vegan Lunch Box Ideas // Bento Style!

Hey lovelies! So it's Week 3 of my Summer Roadtrip and I am typing from Switzerland ahh! It feels so strange being in a different country every time I put a new post up but I'm loving it haha. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I started seeing so many youtube videos, blog posts and pinterest boards on my newest obsession: Bento Boxes. These are originally from Japan but as well as being a super cute way to organise and display your food, they're actually really practical for taking to work and school and since it's been forever since I last did I foodie post, today I thought I would show you three healthy vegan lunchbox ideas I put together. You can buy actual bento boxes here, but since I don't own any yet I just had to work with what I had using these three containers that's compartments looked like the bento boxes. Even though I don't want to say the dreaded words *back to school* since it's the middle of Summer for most of us including me, I hope this gives you a little inspo for school lunches when you go back!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Amsterdam Bucket List // Wanderlust 01

Hey lovelies! Throwing in a cheeky double post this week because I just could not wait to do a travel-related post. Since I'm going to a lot of different countries in Europe on my Summer Roadtrip, I was thinking a lot about the best way to write about each of them on my blog and so I decided to do my own Bucket List for some of them. In here I'll basically show you all the things I got up to and would recommend there as well as pictures and a kinda diary for myself of my Summer. To start: AMSTERDAM! It had always been one of my dream places to go, and so during my 3-day stay there on the trip there was so much I wanted to see and do. I packed as much as I could into those three days, there were tours, flea markets, museums, coffee shops and canal trips but out of everything I thought I'd show you all the things I managed to tick off my Bucket List!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

My Month in Polaroids // July

Hello lovelies! Currently typing from The Black Forest in Germany in this post - which is absolutely boiling at the moment - but gorgeous all the same! As I've mentioned in quite a few posts, recently I bought myself a polaroid camera and while I've showed you it in my Love List ect. I realised I never actually showed the individual polaroids. I've loved taking pictures on it so far, especially on this holiday is such a great way to capture memories from country to country, and so in this post I thought I would start something new and do a 'My Month in Polaroids' post. Basically showing you all the polaroids I've taken this month and like a sum up of July if you know what I mean. Let me know if you enjoy this style of post because I'd love to do an August one!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

July Love List!

Hey lovelies! How's your week going? As I mentioned in my Roadtrip Essentials Post, this month I'm travelling around Europe and so it looks like in each post I'll be typing from a different country! Currently I'm in Bruge which has been fantastic so far, we spent the last couple of days exploring the city, eating out at lots of restaurants, and tomorrow we're off to Amsterdam. Despite all the travelling though, I couldn't miss out on a Love List, and in July I have had quite a few favourites and some cheeky new purchases (*cough* polaroid camera) that are featured in this post. If you're interested in seeing what I was loving this time last year, you can click here to read my Love List from July 2016, but if you're into some recent stuff I hope you enjoy reading my rambles about favourites from this month!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June Love List!

Hey lovelies! How are you all? It's that time of the month for a Love List and with new music releases // shopping splurges // and my trip to France I have ended up with quite a few favourites to show you this month. I usually talk a little bit about how I'm feeling in these Love Lists and for this month I've honestly been a bit all over the place! I've had a few good weeks and then the odd days where I've felt anxious and low all day for absolutely no reason, like today. It's like whenever I'm feeling feeling good and happy about myself for a while my brain decides 'nope we're just kidding' and throws a bad day at me aha. Anyway I hope you enjoy this Love List and you may notice the background is a little different. Taking advantage of the crazy hot weather here in England atm I ended up taking the pictures outside and I kind of love how they turned out! Giving me all the Summery Vibes <3

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

5 Youtubers for Mental Health and Body Confidence!

Hey lovelies! So a few weeks ago I kind of went through a downwards spiral in terms of my mood //  mental health // and confidence and although I never mentioned it on here ... it was quite a rubbish time for me. It's so hard to 'fix' things when they're all in your head but while I was feeling so low I ended up watching a lot more of certain youtubers and I cannot tell you how much it helped. Most parents find it baffling how much of an impact a youtuber behind a screen can have on someone, but it really is true and today I wanted to share with you my favourite youtubers 'for mental health and body confidence.' All these channels helped me so much in uplifting my mood and gradually getting my confidence back to normal, some through advice videos and others through music or poetry, but I love every one of them for their unique styles. If you're ever feeling down or are suffering with things like mental health or body confidence, please please please try watching these youtubers and I hope they make you feel as happy watching them as I do!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Raw Vegan KeyLime Cheesecake // Clean Eats 01

Hey lovelies! I love experimenting with foods and since I spend half my life on Pinterest (don't we all!) there have been quite a few healthy or creative Vegan recipes that I've picked up over the past month. As a way of sort of compiling them together, I thought I would start a 'Clean Eats' series, filled with recipes, ideas or even just inspo for you guys (including especially the sweet things...because I definitely have a sweet tooth!) For the first recipe in this 'Clean Eats' series I thought I'd show you this all-natural Vegan Keylime Cheesecake I made last week. It's so delicious and sweet with that classic American 'Keylime' flavour and although I've swapped a few ingredients out and added my own flavours I owe the original recipe to the Peta website. Instead of biscuit, the base is made from an almond and maple syrup mixture, and the top from coconut milk, lime and lots of natural ingredients as opposed to processed ones. It's also raw so wooooh 'you can't burn anything!' 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Bullet Journal Page Ideas // Inspo!

Hey lovelies, how's you half term going? This week was the first time in forever that I missed a posting day ahh, and so this Sunday I was desperate to put one up for you. I had the post all done but it was one of those ones were I just sat back and looked at it and was like 'meh' and I guess I didn't seem the point in putting a 'meh' post up when (with a little more time) I could just make something I was genuinely happy with. So that post was scrapped... and instead I thought I'd show you one of my favourite things at the moment and something I can definitely talk passionately about haha: My Bullet Journal. You might remember my post called 'Bullet Journal Blogging' back in October where I had just begun one, and while I did use that notebook for a good 6 months, a lot has changed since then. Last month I got a new bullet journal (complete with proper lil' dotted pages yas!) and so I decided to restart and through this month I have been absolutely loving it. As I was planning out my June Log, I thought why not share with you guys a little bit of inspo and a peek into my own journal, as well as lots of cool page ideas and inspiration! 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Huge Vegan Snack Haul! // + Review

Hello lovelies! I don't know why, but I've always loved the thrill of recieving a package in the post and so when this little box of Vegan Goodies arrived on my doorstep on Wednesday I could not have been more excited! A couple of weeks ago, The Vegan Tuck Box offered to send me one of their selection boxes to try out after I mentioned that I was trying Veganism for the week and so I thought a Huge Haul post was definitely due - plus a chance for me give review and give you all an honest review on what I thought of this box of goodies. Over the course of this week, I've been trying a bunch of the snacks, some I absolutely LOVE and others that I didn't get along with as much, but that's all part of the fun of a subscription box right? Overall though, I absolutely loved this box and I think it was the perfect start for me as 'beginner Vegan' if that's even a thing, filled with so many delicious and healthy snacks to stop me missing all the egg or dairy filled foods. It definitely beats searching forever in the 'free-from' section of Asda, that's for sure!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Healthy Vegan 'Nice Cream' // 2 Flavours!

Hello lovelies! So as I mentioned in last week's 'Tea and Thingspost, this week I have decided to go vegan for the week. I'll be sure to do a full post updating you all but as of now, I'm actually loving it! I  can't boast that I suddenly have amazing skin or lost a ridiculous amount of weight from doing it, but my body definitely feels so much better both mentally and physically. Almost 'cleaner' if that makes any sense?! Anyway, because of it, this week  I've been experimenting a ton this week with different recipes and whilst crawling through pinterest for recipes, I discovered how to make these super healthy vegan 'ice-cream' style bowls using literally just frozen fruit! When blended, frozen bananas (alongside whatever other ingredients you choose) turn into this amazing ice-cream consistency which as you can imagine tastes delicious and got it's nickname 'nice-cream' because it really is so healthy and doesn't contain any dairy or sugar. It's become my new favourite breakfast food and ahh I can't wait to share it with you. I made two versions of these bowls, after you guys voted on my Twitter poll which one's you'd like me to make, and so I ended up doing this Raw Dark-Chocolate Orange bowl and a Blueberry and Coconut one. Both taste amazing, but let me know in the comments what your favourite one is? I think I'd have to lean towards the Chocolate one because I'm all for a little something sweet but let me know what yours is!

Friday, 17 March 2017

DIY Starbucks 'The Pink Drink' // Massive Spring Collab!

Hey lovelies! How are you all? Today is an super exciting post because it's a massive Spring Collab with some of my favourite bloggers.We have been planning this lil' collab on our group chat for weeks, each putting together a lil Spring-themed post for you all (everything from beauty to food!) and so I really do hope you enjoy reading through and I'll be sure to leave everyone's links below to give you guys a little 'Spring Reading List' haha. For my post, I thought I'd go back to one of the most popular series of posts on my blog: DIY STARBUCKS DRINKS. The Pink Drink went viral after Starbucks released it in the Spring/Summer-time last year and is such a fun and inexpensive one to DIY that I love. Plus who can say no to a Pink Drink?

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Healthy Chocolate-Chia Balls // Recipe

Hello lovelies, and how are you all? I'm currently typing from France, literally watching the snow fall outside my window (ahh bliss) and I hope you're enjoying your half term too. 

It's been a while since I've done a foodie post but I just had to do one on these chocolate-chia balls because I've been absolutely obsessed with them lately! These delicious bite-size balls are perfect for when you're craving something sweet and are a much healthier option than reaching for all those left over Christmas chocolates in the cupboard. You know the kind I mean hehe! I've been making these in bulk recently as they're so quick and easy to make and will keep in the fridge throughout the week. They also don't require thousands of strange health and protein powders like you often find online, so for the average gal like me it's great!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My Blogging Pet Hates // Blogging Chatter 06

So as much as I love the blogging world and appreciate everything about it, I think everyone has a few blogging pet hates, right? You know what I mean, every so often those teeny, little things that make you want to roll your eyes and leave you tapping the keys on your laptop with even more force than necessary. Me too. Of course this is in no way trying to shade any bloggers who do any of these things, the blogging community is AMAZING and I honestly don't know what I'd do without it, but I would love to know if you guys can relate to any of these. In other words... please tell me I'm not the only one haha!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

LUSH Birthday Haul! // + Storage Ideas

Hey, hey, hey lovelies and welcome to February! So over my birthday month... Christmas...and well just general shopping sprees hehe, I have ended up with a whole lot of Lush! Today I thought I'd do a haul for you, showing you guys all my favourite lushie products, as well as how I store my Lush and cute ways to display it at the end. The bath bombs and bubble bars are so pretty and colourful, it seems a shame to just tuck them all away in a box so I hope this helps a few of you out. I also may or may not have got told off for sprinkling the foam pieces all over my room while taking these blog pictures - so what can I say, it better be worth it haha!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

January Love List!

Hello lovelies! It's that time of the month again for my Love List and I have to say I found it so hard to decide what to include in this one, because there's so much I wanted to show you! January was my birthday month (whoop whoop!) but that also means a whole lot of amazing gifts that I've been trying out lately and if I could include every single one of them in this post I would haha. I feel like I always sum up how each month has been in my Love Lists, so for January I would have to say it's been a bit mixed! Of course I have enjoyed my birthday, but at the start of this month I felt mentally at an all time low. Now I can say I'm definitely a lot happier but still going in-and-out of that feeling, and so I've spent a lot of January just trying to 'pick myself up' in a way and I hope that mood will fade in the coming months. Anyway, I have a new, colourful selection of things I've been loving lately and if you've been here before you'll know these can be anything from Lush to Events - so I hope you all enjoy having a scroll through!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What it's actually like to be an introvert.

Hey I'm Morgan, and yep, I'm a total introvert. It's something I had made myself feel bad about for so long, mainly because I felt like no one quite... got it. For as long as I can remember, I've always been the shyer friend, the listener, hating small-talk and overall preferring my own time more than being around large group but lately I've felt like people are pushing me to be more social and extroverted when really, that's just not me. I find it so hard to explain this to people and it's something I've been thinking a lot about recently so what better place to ramble than on my blog. 
There are three main personality types, introvert, ambivert and extrovert but whether you're a fellow introvert or any of these, today I thought I'd talk about what it actually feels like to be an introvert from my point of view, clear up a few common misconceptions, and just rant to you lovelies about all that personal jaZz!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

5 Room Decor Ideas for a Plant Lover!

Hello lovelies! So one thing I'm definitely looking to add more of to my blog this year is 'interior' themed posts (since it really is one of my main passions!) and so today I thought I thought I would combine it with another one of my favourite things: Plants. I am a hUge plant lover, to the point where it's actually embarrassing haha and I love having them in my room! I find they add so much more life and colour to wherever you put them, and there are also so many gorgeous (tumblr-worthy!) ways of using them as room decor so if you're like me and have run out of ideas of displaying your lil' planty babes... then keep on reading.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

DIY Starbucks Iced Green Tea Latté

Hey lovelies! Woahhh I realised the other day just how long it's been since I made a food-related post, and so since my last DIY Starbucks Recipe went down so well I thought why not do another one for you guys. The Starbucks Iced Green Tea Latté has always been one of my firm favourites (second only after the Christmas drinks!) and it's actually so quick and easy to make at home, the main ingredient being matcha green tea powder which gives the drink that vibrant colour. This was voted the most popular post on my latest twitter poll, so I hope y'all enjoy it! 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Tea & Things // 01

Hello lovelies, and Happy New Year to ya all! What have you been up to? Today I really wanted to have a catchup with you all and - as the title suggests - just drink my tea and tell you about things! There really is no structure to this post I'm just gonna ramble about plans for 2017 and what's been going on lately, whether it be to do with Poetry, Refreshing my Blog, or Giveaways. I really want this year to be a fresh start for 'Just Morgs' and so what better a way to kick this year off, than to kinda re-group and talk about what's been going on, both past and future! PS. as aesthetic as this picture might look, I currently have an old, wonky snowman mug next to me - don't be fooled aha!

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