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A Complete Guide to Twitter Chats // Blogging Chatter 03

Hey lovelies! My last couple of posts in this new blogging series seemed really popular so I thought I'd get writing a 3rd for you all today : A Guide to Twitter Chats. I love twitter. A lot. In fact I'm pretty much addicted to it and I can't believe I  didn't join it sooner than because it introduced me to one of my favourite things about blogging...twitter chats! I know exactly how confusing the whole idea of twitter chats can be so in this post I'm just going to chat you through everything from the absolute basics of what it is, why I love it so much, and tips for hosting one of your own. There's even a lil' twitter chat weekly calendar that I've made later on so even if you're used to all of this you can still keep up to date with all the fun chats going on during the week! Enjoy lovelies, and I hope this helps a few of you out (since I really do wish I had read something like this first hehe!)

What is a Twitter Chat?
To put it shortly, twitter chats are basically organised chats that take place on twitter at a certain time where you tweet about a topic using a hashtag (eg. #BloggingGals.) By hashtagging your tweets with that you can interact with other people in the chat and a sort of conversation takes place as you reply to other peoples tweets and chat to other bloggers.

How do I join one?

It's very simple as I mentioned above, all you need to do is include the hashtag in your tweet and it will pop up on that hashtag along with everyone else. There are no rules to being 'allowed' into a chat, the blogging community is so lovely honestly and you can take part in different chats every day if you want to.

What are some of your favourite Twitter Chats?

I have so many I love, but I think my top 3 that I take part in most would have to be the #sassybloggerschat , #thegirlgang and #beechat. Below I've spent some time creating a mini 'chat callendar' for you so you know a few of the chats that are on at which time in the week if you ever want to join them...

Why I love Twitter Chats!

These chats are an AMAZING way to interact with other bloggers just like you and just get to know other people who have so much in common with you. It felt like I'd just opened my eyes to a massive community I never knew existed when I first discover these chats and I've made so many fabulous blogging friends through it. Once chats are over (they usually last about an hour if you're wondering!) I'm constantly dming people if we've had fun talking to each other on the chat and that's just where it starts. It's also helpful to promote your blog on or get it 'out there' because people are constantly retweeting each other and checking out each others blogs during these chats.

What do you talk about on the Twitter Chats?
Each week a twitter chat topic is usually chosen, and this could really be anything! It could be Confidence, Blogging Tips, Food, Mental Illness, Disney, A new beauty product, Harry Potter...
the list goes on. The chat host will usually set up a few questions to answer during the chat too and everyone can reply to them.

Hosting Chats
Hosting chats is something a lot of people do and it's basically where you become the person who decides the chat topic for that week and keep the conversation flowing with question and replies. Imagine everyones meeting for dinner and you're the waiter. You may not be the owner of the restaurant as such but the creators of twitter chats will often let other bloggers host a chat for that week and it's your job to make everyone in the chat feel welcome . Does that make any sense, or did I loose you at the restaurant bit? Sorry Hahaha! 
Anyway, I've never actually hosted a chat but one of my closest (Fabuloussss!) blogging friends Jade has very kindly answered a few questions for this post that might help some of you out:

 How do you keep the coversation flowing when you're hosting a chat?
- Interaction is key. Whatever people reply, you have to try, and think of a way to answer them as best as you can! Usually, quite a few people take part, so give them a chance to answer the q's, and then just let it come to you naturally. You soon get used to it, and it becomes almost like second nature!

What are some of your favourite twitter chat topics you've ever taken part in?
- Probably the ones about confidence, blogging, and other important topics like that. Anything from and really! They never fail to make my Monday 1000x better!

Why did you decide to start your own chats? (#TTATB or #TPOP)
- I decided to start my own chats, because I know how successful they can become. It's a really simple, yet fun way of interacting with hundreds of other people, and if you have a platform such as Twitter, then you may as well put it to good use! I thought that it would get more people involved, and it would get them talking, so any project is much more likely to be successful then!

Any tips for someone hosting a chat for the first time?
- Think of, and prepare the questions beforehand. Give people time to answer, and make sure you reply to/retweet as many of them as you can. Show a genuine interest! Try not to be nervous though, because 9/10 it's a huge success, and you want to do it again! I'd say start off by asking a bigger chat if you can host for them, and then just work from then on. Get involved in loads, and admire the work of other people too. You will then begin to learn, and see if you can pick up some tips along the way!!

So there you go! Here was my complete guide to twitter chats hope you found it helpful, and a special thanks to Jade for answering a few of my Q's for the hosting part of this post too! I'm really starting to love this blogging chatter series they're so much fun to to write and the response to them is amazing which only makes me want to write more (what other posts would you like to see next, then?) Also, leave me your twitter handles down in the comments so we can become twitter buddies, who knows I might even see you in one of the chats now....

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  1. Twitter chats seem so interesting and it's a good way to interact with other bloggers! My favourite social media is definitely Twitter!

    I hope you are having an amazing weekend!

    Jeff. x | Blog | Bloglovin' | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

    1. Definitely! Aw you too Jeff, thanks x

  2. This was such an interesting, helpful post to read Morgs <3 I will be sure to join in some chats soon, before I was a little confused haha! x

    1. Thank you! Ugh I was soooo confused at first, I had to ask all my blogging friends so many questions before I figured it out haha x

  3. Amaizing post!
    Can you click on links in my last post? :*

  4. Great post, I found it really helpful and I will be joining a few of these chats :)

  5. Thank you so much for letting me get involved in this post, lovely!! You did an incredible job at explaining yourself, and I love how you included a little calendar as well - how cute! You really seem like you know your stuff, and that's such a lovely thing to see, because really, everyone should get involved in, if not host chats! They're amazing!!

    Jade x |

    1. Your welcome and tysm for your amazing advice too (much much muchhhh appreciated!) Totally agree, even we might never have started talking if it wasn't for twitter chats! xx

  6. Ahhh this was such a good blog post! Definitely needed more insight on twitter chats as i've only really just discovered them and they've been so great to network with others! Also your a life saver for that timetable X

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