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Two weeks in Vend‎ée // Mini-Travel Guide

Hello lovelies! Long-time no see, or at least it feels like that! As you probably know if you follow my blog, for the last two weeks I've been on holiday in France and since you guys seemed to really really love my last 'mini-travel guide' in Rye (read HERE), I thought why not do another one for my most recent trip. I've been working super hard this week to compile the hundreds of photos to choose from together, edit, write and all that but I'm actually pretty pleased with how this post turned out and I hope you are too. The area we stayed in, Vend‎ée,  was so beautiful and somewhere I've never been before so I guess this is going to be a super honest mini-travel guide ; from essentials, to famous attractions, beaches and food (the best bit hehe!)
The Actual Place:
Like my last travel guide, I should probably start by explaining where the actual place was. 'Le Vend‎ée is in the North West of France, a sort of rural place surrounded by gorgeous beaches, ports and small villages.

- Plot twist this isn't actually ice cream haha, it's fro-yo! -
-- Note: the picture above is not mine --
The Journey 
We decided to drive to France instead of catch a plane since England is so close to the borders (so no, sadly I did not get that tumblr plane shot everybody takes haha) But the journey was actually great, not as bad as I expected at all, in fact it kinda gave our holiday a bti more of a roadtrip feel which I loved! If you live in the UK I would definitely recommend driving to France instead.

-- Gorgeous Beaches --
In Vendee the beaches were so lovely since you could just walk for miles across the stretch of sand, passing 5 different beaches that were all so different. There were sandy ones like this, tidal ones, sand dunes and all sorts it was perfect for a lil' explore!
--*My little sister in the picture hehe!*--

The Essentials:
Suncream (A pretty obvious one, but don't be forgetting this guys!)
Underwater Camera (I don't actually own one of these but if you do I would totally recommend bringing it! It's would be so much fun in the beautiful clear sea in Vend‎ée)
Snorkel (Again with the underwater bits, there are a surprising amount of fish in even the shallow parts of the sea and so this would come in super handy!)
Bike (Vend‎ée is famous for all it's cycling trails and if you can definitely bring this!)
Sunglasses (You'll get some amazing weather in Vend‎ée, granted, pretty self-explanatory)

Places to Eat:
Ahh my favourite bit! Since Vend‎ée is right by the sea the seafood is amazing, as well as your typical delicious French Bakeries so there's so many places to choose from. Here are a few I loved:

Boulanger patissier - You can find bakey/patisserie style places like these in every village and they're always my favourite place to go for fresh morning baguettes or a sweet treat. The mirangue and cakes you see above were from this bakery.
Musee du chocolat - This chocolate factory was such a fun place to visit for the day, with lots of historical parts to it (as well as tasters hehe!) I'm not sure whether this counts, but for a foodie-day out I would totally recommend this.
Le Recif Creperie - a beautiful restaurant by the sea, perfect for lunch with fresh crepes or simply to stop by for refreshments after a walk along the sea - front.
La Marine - This was a delicious sea-food restuarant by the Port and an evening meal there is just amazing. I believe you have to make reservations for this one since it's quite popular but totally worth it!
-- Summer Flowers --
The Beaches
Usually I'm not really one for beaches (whattt?!) Yep, the thought of lying on my back all day in the sun just sounded a bit boring to me, but oh myyy did I change my mind in vendee! There were gorgeous scenic ones, surfing ones, tidal ones, dunes, mussel fishing ones....
I can safely say there was something for everyone there, and plenty of exploring to be done around the beach and little village shops too.

Plage des dames - this beach was my favourite out of all the ones we visited, mainly because it was actually an island! It was a secluded, beautiful stretch of beach that you can only get to at a certain time of the day when the tide was out and that made it all the more special.

Plage de Riez - This is a 12km long beach (yep, woahhh!) and super easy to get to, with parking, cafes and shops surrounding it.

Plage de Veillon - The best beach if you're a surfer,  and right next tBourgenay which is a town filled with harbours and cafes. The waves were absolutely insane here (I just wish I actually knew how to surf!)

-- The Surfers Beach! The waves were so big here, literally lost count of how many times I got knocked over hehe! --

Places to Visit/ Go

Le Pou de Fou - Probably my favourite day out we had on holiday was Pou de Fou. It's basically a history-based theme park (which although might sound boring to most of you was amazing!) Think re-enactments, horse tricks, fireworks, music, birdshows...

Le Potager extrodiaire - A gorgeous area to walk around filled with all sorts of strange and giant plants and flowers. Now you guys know how obsessed I am with plants so of course this place was a hit hehe!

Le Grande Port - A large costal town, perfect for musing around the french shops and loved just going on a walk through the town with my family (of course stopping at icecream shops along the way, coz who can resist?) The sunset above is from here.
 -- The Falcon that landed right above our fence! --

-- Pou de Fou (That place I was talking about!) --

Fun things to do:

Cycle // Run - Although most of you would hate the idea of doing excersize on holiday, trust me on this one, you really would enjoy it here! There are so many beautiful scenic routes to run or cycling trails overlooking the beach and ahhh running along grey pavements in England just doesn't compare to this. 
Explore the little towns - Vend‎ée is filled with lots of little towns to be explored, if you have time just go for a stroll in one of them.

Go Beach hunting- the beaches are so easy to walk between in Vend‎ée, you can literally walk for miles finding yourself in dozens of different ones and this is why it's perfect for having a little 'Beach hunt' and finding your favourite one to revistit.

Watch the tide come in early - Now I must admit you're gonna have to get up pretty early for this one (*Yawns* hehe) but it's definitely worth it if you can! 

-- A butterfly at the Potager Extrodinaire. --

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed this mini-travel guide as much as the last, these are actually my personal favourite to write too, such a cute way to look back on a holiday for me. Oh and also, Just Morgs reached 200+ followers on Bloglovin' this week ahhh!! Thanks so much lovelies, I really do appreciate every single one of you. Speak to you in next weeks post! x

If you'd have asked me a few years ago I would have said pool straight away, since I used to be terrified of crabs and jellyfish hehe but now the sea if definitely my favourite! 



  1. What a fun post, Morgan! I adore your photography; it's incredible. xx

  2. Wow! So nice!! Seems like a great place!!

    1. It was, I wish I could go back now! x

  3. Vendee looks like the perfect place to escape to at the end of summer! And those mussels look delicious! Thanks for sharing =o)

  4. An underwater camera would be so cool! What flavour was that fro-yo? It looks delicious!
    Aleeha xXx

  5. Looks gorgeous, and like you had an amazing time!

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  7. Que maximo amei as imagens, bom final de semana, obrigado pela visita.

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