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How I take my Blog Photos // Blogging Chatter 01

Hello lovelies! Today's post is the first one in a new lil' series I'm starting on my blog called Blogging Chatter. Since I hit my one year blogging milestone a few weeks ago I thought I'd start a series talking (or rambling really hehe) sharing blogging tips/advice/and general chatter surrounding that sorta theme. You guys had lots of suggestions when I asked you on twitter but for the first post I thought I'd start with something I always search up on other people's blogs: How I take my Blog Photos. Now I'm definitely no expert but this is just how I personally like to take my photos and what works for me, including my camera, backgrounds, editing and flat-lay tips. I hope ya enjoy!


Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Blog Photos! I'm a big believer in the fact that you don't need an expensive big DSLR to take beautiful blog photos, in fact for my first few months of blogging I took every-single one of my photos on my phone, but what I can say is it certainly does help if you have a good quality camera to hand. Luckily, I didn't actually have to save up and buy my camera as my Dad already owned one, although now I use it so often he pretty much calls it mine haha! Aside from my camera though (Canon 450d) the only other piece of equipment I use is a tripod for outfit or travel photos, 


I've struggled with this so much with taking blog photos! I mean, the lighting is mostly awful on those grey rainy days in England and as for backgrounds, not everyone is lucky enough to have a random marble surface or aesthetic wood floor around their house (me included ugh!)

I always use natural lighting for my photos and so the only tip I can really give for that is to chase the light. Yep you heard me, run to whatever part of your house has the best lighting currently and get snapping there!
For backgrounds I like to use my slate floor (as you can see in this post) or something I've started doing recently is using A3 white card or other paper background print outs (like the marble one you can see above.)  Other background alternatives you could find around your home are blankets, carpets or wallpaper samples.


The main editor I use for my blog photos is Picmonkey, it's free (um YAY) and is perfect for people like me who just can't seem to figure out photoshop hehe! There are lots of different tools and effects you can play around with on there, but usually the only thing I do to my photos is turn up the exposure and brightness along with saturation if I need to. I also overlay my photos with the lil' Just Morgs font but that's entirely optional. Above you can see the difference in the photo after editing - pretty big, huh? 


Flat Lay's are extremely popular online, especially in beauty when doing product photography, but they are also so damn hard to get right! I have to take them at least once a month for my Love List posts, and although they look super simple there's a whole lotta work that goes into arranging everything. Is it too messy? Are the items is a line or random? Do they compliment each other? Ahh the struggles haha! I doubt I'll ever be able to achieve that 'flawless flatlay' you flick through in magazines - but then again I'm not a professional photographer, I'm just a teen with a camera so it's okay if something's not 100% perfect.

01.  Use a simple/plain background to make the objects you're photographing stand out.
02. Blue Tack is your best friend, ever need to hold that lipstick in place that just wants to roll right out of the picture? Blue Tack, no one will ever know hehe!
03. Try arranging the objects in different ways until you find what you like.
04. Don't be afraid of white space. Give the objects in the photo some space to breathe so they're not all crammed in together!
05. Stand on a chair or position the items on the floor so you get the right amount of height above it.
06. Try to balance out the colours in the image to avoid it looking to crowded on one side.
07. Props I like to use are things like flowers or succulents which add a pop of colour to your flatlay just like the one above. 

So there ya go! Here was the first post in this BloggingChatter series I hope you found it helpful! Thank you very much to Olivia for helping me with this post by the way. Ever wondered how to take photos with your camera in the picture? Beg your friend to come round and take them on her camera haha! I'm currently signing off this blog post in France by the pool since I always hate making the entire posts pre-written. I just hope my laptop doesn't die before I get to hit publish!




  1. Thanks for the tips! Your blogging photography is always beaut!

    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  2. Nice tips, your photos always look stunning :D

    Mia |

  3. Great tips, I also use tack for some items haha! I always try and use natural lighting to my advantage☺ Leonie x

    1. Yep bluetack is the ultimate bloggers life hack haha!Thanks x

  4. This is incredible Morgs damnnnnn! So so helpful! Thanks for this !! ❤️❤️
    Xx Sofia

  5. Love this post! The marble looks so good! 😚

    1. Hehe thanks! I might experiment with other background print outs soon x

  6. I TOTALLY feel the issue with not having pretty marble and wooden surfaces to take photos on :) Great tips!!

    Katie //

    1. Ughhh ikr! Somehow bloggers and youtubers seem to have these flawless looking backgrounds just handy in their house haha! X

    2. Ughhh ikr! Somehow bloggers and youtubers seem to have these flawless looking backgrounds just handy in their house haha! X

  7. This was such a helpful post, Morgan! Getting a camera is still in my works. As of now I use my iPhone camera, and it's not too bad!

    1. I still love iphone cameras, works great! X

  8. beautiful blog.. no wonder you work so hard and it does pay off, the pictures are pure genius! all the best for your future works dear

    1. Aw that means so much to me! Thanks xo

    2. Aw that means so much to me! Thanks xo

  9. You are proffessional blogger. ITS SO great.
    Your articles is so interesting). Wow photos. I LIKE IT!!! :)


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