Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August Love List

Hellooooo lovelies! Okay so it's time for my usual round up of all the things I've been loving this month and this one, I've got to say, is as equally random as the last, featuring Makeup, Trainers and oh yeah... veggie burgers?! It feels so sad to know that this will be my last Love List of the Summer (*cry with me guys...*) but it won't be long until a whole lotta Autumn stuff is filling my monthly love lists and I suppose that's something to be excited about right!  Anyway, hope you enjoy scrolling through my 'loves' this month and you can click HERE to read my last Love List from July.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Two weeks in Vend‎ée // Mini-Travel Guide

Hello lovelies! Long-time no see, or at least it feels like that! As you probably know if you follow my blog, for the last two weeks I've been on holiday in France and since you guys seemed to really really love my last 'mini-travel guide' in Rye (read HERE), I thought why not do another one for my most recent trip. I've been working super hard this week to compile the hundreds of photos to choose from together, edit, write and all that but I'm actually pretty pleased with how this post turned out and I hope you are too. The area we stayed in, Vend‎ée,  was so beautiful and somewhere I've never been before so I guess this is going to be a super honest mini-travel guide ; from essentials, to famous attractions, beaches and food (the best bit hehe!)

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

7 Ways to survive those long- haul flights

Hello again lovelies!  Welcome to another Sunday post, but before I start I'd just like to thank you all so much for your amazing comments and response to my Blogging Birthday post. I did not expect so many but ahhh it means the world to me that you liked it and I'm so grateful!  
Anywayz, today I'm doing a Travel-themed post: 7 Ways to survive those long- haul flights. I'm literally counting down the days to my Summer holiday now (5 days left!) but It also made me think about a few of those awful flights I've been on in the past. When I was younger I used to love long-haul flights simply because of the lil' TV's you have on the back of your seat but nowadays I come of these planes feeling all kinds of blehhhh and I'm not the only one! So here are 7 ways to survive those long-haul flights and I hope any of you who are traveling far this Summer find it helpful.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Blogging Organisation Tips // Blogging Chatter 02

Hey lovelies! When I asked you guys on Twitter, most of you asked for a post on staying organised in Blogging and so that's what I'm writing for y'all today! There's so much to do and plan when it comes to blogging that is can be hard to stay organised (especially when you have school and homework to keep track of too like me.) I'm definitely not the most organised person, far from it in fact. but I've kind of had to force myself to be for blogging and so here are a few tips and tricks that might help you too!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

How I take my Blog Photos // Blogging Chatter 01

Hello lovelies! Today's post is the first one in a new lil' series I'm starting on my blog called Blogging Chatter. Since I hit my one year blogging milestone a few weeks ago I thought I'd start a series talking (or rambling really hehe) sharing blogging tips/advice/and general chatter surrounding that sorta theme. You guys had lots of suggestions when I asked you on twitter but for the first post I thought I'd start with something I always search up on other people's blogs: How I take my Blog Photos. Now I'm definitely no expert but this is just how I personally like to take my photos and what works for me, including my camera, backgrounds, editing and flat-lay tips. I hope ya enjoy!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Two Fresh Summer Salads // Recipes

Hey lovelies! As you read this I am now in France (hopefully by the pool or exploring the town!) but I still wanted to make sure I put up posts for you all so I've been working super hard lately to pre-write these! I Today's post is a foodie one (yasssss!) and is the recipe for two fresh summer salads I have been absolutely loving lately. They're perfect for a picnic or sharing and are definitely not your typical 'leaves and cucumber' style salads which I always get bored of. 

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