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My Desk Tour // DIY's and Inspiration!

Helloooo lovelies! So a few days ago I asked you guys on My Twitter if you would like to see any interior-style posts on my blog next and well, you guys said yes! I love reading these sorts of posts myself too, partly just coz I'm a bit nosy hehe and so for this post I thought I'd do a 'Desk Tour.' This includes pretty much everything from DIY's, to Inspiration to just me showing you how and what I use to organize everything (blog and school included!) I'm also guessing this is going to be quite a long post, so feel free to grab a cup of tea (preferably herbal ahhh my fav!) sit down, and I hope you enjoy.

First of all, the practical side of my desk...

My actual desk is in the corner of my room (just under the skylight which I love!) and so I have the white wood corner desk from  the IKEA Brusali Range. My light, that you will spot in the photos later on is from IKEA and the chair is from Stone Butterfly Interiors. I've paired this with a bright blue cushion as it basically just goes with the whole colour scheme of my bedroom. 

Inspired by thousands and thousands of beaut desks of Pintrest, I decided to go with a slight subtle travel theme with mine. I actually have a mini globe and all sorts of other stuff arriving soon but those bits are just finishing touches really and so for now you guys can spot the subtle travel theme dotted around my desk. 
To the left corner of my desk, I have my wooden notice board and underneath you can see my speaker, pencil basket and cacti. As you probably know from other posts, I am a teeny bit (a lot) obsessed with cacti and plants in general so you may spot quite a few of these little guys around my desk too! 
Notice Board: Amazon
Cacti Pots : Etsy
Hanging Heart Decoration: Etsy
Pencil Basket: DIY'd

This DIY looks so cute on your desk, while still being practical as the stack of books can still be used and read! I found some old Atlas paper the other day and so this is what sparked the idea because it also goes with the whole travel/wanderlust theme that I'm trying to give my desk. And of course on top of the books you can see my baby plants hehe!

You will need:

  • 3 Sheets of Atlas paper (printed or from a book)
  • Scissors
  • Clear Tape 
  • Some books needed by your desk (I used my revision books and school ones)

01. Cut your Atlas paper to the appropriate size or if you're using one from the Internet simply print onto A4 paper.
02. Cover the front and backs of your books in the paper, cutting small triangles in the corner of the paper to allow you to fold the edges onto the inside of the book. Secure this all with clear tape on the inside.
03. This is entirely optional, but I then wrote in Metallic pen on the front cover 'Wander' or Compass symbols I liked, 
On my notice board I have this Blog Post Planner print out. This helps me so much with planning because little check-boxes for each post like 'Pictures Taken' or 'Shared of Social media' and just keeps me organized with blog posts. Below the desk on the shelves I keep all sorts of notebooks and school bits as well as lots of old tickets and souvieners from holidays which I love to collect.

An aesthetic way to store all your random stationary bits like pencils and rubbers, and the most simple DIY ever! I always keep this on the top of my desk for when I'm doing homework so I don't have to delve back into the mess that is my school bag to find my pencil case.

You will need:

  • A plain wicker basket (I just got mine from the pound store!)
  • Paint Brush
  • White paint 

01. Using your paintbrush, coat the basket roughly in white paint (remember to leave lots of gaps and almost layer the paint messily to achieve that rustic look!)
02. This is optional, but I then gave my basket a light coat of danish wood oil too, just to make sure the paint stayed on and didn't just flake off.
03. Leave to dry for a couple of hours and you're all done!

On the wall to the right of my computer I have this magnetic white board which is probably the most useful thing on my desk in my opinion! I bought mine on Amazon for about £10 I think and it has come in so helpful for writing down notes instead of just leaving random post-it notes around my room. I much prefer these to the chalk-board style ones actually since it's so quick to rub out and this is definitely a 'desk essential' for me!

I love, love, love Polaroids and how cute they look on walls but unfortunately I don't actually own a Polaroid camera of my own (*cries a little*) But what I soon realised is that I much prefer the look of the Polaroids rather than the novelty of  taking them on the camera, so why buy one when I can just DIY the Polaroids at home. There are websites (paid ones) that you can make these on but I think these look ever cuter on a notice board because of the handmade sort of look they have.

You will need:
  • 2x Sheets of Photographic Paper
  • A Printer
  • A Utility knife
  • Tiny pegs to hang you Polaroids with
  • String

01. Print out a sheet with the pictures you want as well as one with a few rows of the white polaroid shape. I found the dimensions of a regular Polaroid pic online.
02. Cut the insides out of your white Polaroid bit of paper using a utility knife (much easier than scissors!) to make the border like you can see in the picture.
03. Now stick the border onto your image and you can cut off any excess bits where the picture overlaps.
04. Take your DIY'd Polaroids and hang them using pegs on a wall or notice board, I used some mini coloured pegs from Tiger (so cute!)

Earth Mouse Mat - Amazon

So there ya go, here was my lil' Desk Tour! Of course it probably won't stay this neat for long haha, there will be all sorts of random school books scattered around it soon but I hope you found any inspiration at all from it. Be sure to follow me on Twitter too, if you ever want to request any posts or ideas like this one, Love you all!

I'm perfectly happy living in London but I would love to have a holiday home somewhere super far away like Australia one day for a change!



  1. Wow, that is such a lovely setup. I love the mouse mat, did that sound a bit geeky haha? I would love to live in the countryside in Italy or England♥ Leonie x

    1. Nahhh I love mouse mats hehe! The countryside is always so beautiful x

  2. Wow everything is so cute and pretty!
    Your desk is adorable! :)
    Izzy |

  3. I love the whole travel theme you've got going on there - I might have to steal a couple of those ideas!

    Mind checking out my latest - it's all about my recent adventures in Poland!

    Alice x

  4. these are all so nice! I am in looooooove with the basket paint idea and I might recreate hahaha :) Its incredible seeing your blog grow, I'm so proud, these are all amazing!
    Xx Sofia

    1. Awe tysm Sofia! You were one of my first blogging friends and I love how you've continued to read it. Ly! x

  5. i like it so much,your desk isso tumblery xo

  6. Amaizing post,these photoos are just so great! *-*

  7. Your desk is so cute! Totally pinning this post <3

    Edye | Http://

  8. I loved this post! Your desk is so nice, I love the atlas theme! X


  9. your desk is so cute! love all the little ideas you've included

    Hannah at Hannah Venables / A CREATIVE LIFESTYLE BLOG

  10. I love, love, love your blog post planner! It's perfect. Definitely going to have to make my own! Looking forward to future posts, Morgs! xx

  11. Such a cute set up, love the whole theme. Your blog is so good btw!

  12. Loved this post! Very lovely desk space x

  13. Okay, I am officially so jealous, your set up is amazing!! x

    Lauren |

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