Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Seaside Walks and Sweetie shops

Hey there! What have you been up to this Half-Term? Aside from having some well earned lie-ins this week- I spent a lovely couple of days by the seaside at the weekend! We own a gorgeous holiday home down the coast in the small seaside town of Broadstairs, and to me and my family it’s like the perfect weekend escape from Busy London every now and again! There’s just something I love about the small, town community and our beautiful view onto the sandy beach from my bedroom window. Broadstairs in kind of sandwiched between two larger towns called Ramsgate and Margate, so that weekend we decided to go ‘exploring’ on a walk into Margate...

We found a little booklet which told us about the best costal trails for our walk, and set off along the seaside town!

Margate used to be one of the most famous seaside holiday towns (even more than Brighton!) and was home to ‘Dreamland’,  an amazing amusement park that people would travel all over London to visit. Sadly though, over the years a lot of its tourism has kind of... dried up. It felt quite sad actually, looking at the peeling paint of shops, old clock towers and seeing the faded sign of Dreamland :(

Nevertheless, I saw some amazing things in the newer part of the town, and I heard they are currently doing construction to restore Margate to its ‘Former Glory’ 

While we walked along the pier, there was a motor bike show taking place on the beach! They had piled up the sand to make a track and ramps and we stood and watched the motor bikes whizz past, doing all sorts of tricks and stunts!

The thing I loved most though, were the little shops scattered about the town! They were cute family businesses that sold all sorts of stuff. The trinket shops were my favourite, with all the vintage seaside things that I love. I had to be dragged away from this shop!

This was a handmade candle shop we popped inside- and I think I smelt every one of the candles haha!

Through the giant binoculars! Comment below if you can spot the little red boat J

I was genuinely worried about getting popped on by a seagull during the walk! There was so many of them (including baby ones!) swooping over us- and so I’d count myself lucky the seagull didn’t drop me a little ‘present’ as I took this shot!

Another shop we passed was ‘The Olde Sweet Shoppe’ which we spent aaaaages in! The shop was filled with vintage style jars of old fashioned but delicious sweets and the door even had a little bell that rang when you walked into the shop. I came out of here with a large bag on raspberry bonbons!

The whole town was paved with cobbled streets, which I love because you hardly ever find them in London now!

Later, we stopped off at an art exhibition, since we heard my friend’s Aunt had her work displayed there. This was one of my favourite pieces she painted!

This sign just made me laugh!

And finally, after an amazing day, we drove back to Broadstairs and somehow ended up in Morrellis! It’s a famous gelato shop here in Broadstairs, and so we all treated ourselves to an ice cream sundae. They were so big though, I barely managed to eat half!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of my Half-Term! I’m very excited for Halloween, so expect a Spooky post soon hehe…

Much Love, 

QOTD: What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

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