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Hellooooo lovelies! Sorry I didn't manage to get this up on Wednesday, but I've been so busy all week  going up to London, Friends houses and also family stuff, that I've barely had time to simply sit down with my computer and just write to you. Here's my Q and A post, as promised then and I'd just like to say thank you sooooo much as well for all your amazing questions they are much appreciated! I hope you enjoy reading my answers hehe, I certainly enjoyed writing them <3

01. What is your dream job? -Vildana Ĺ uta
I would love to work in something like journalism or photography as it's probably what interests me most!

02. What is your blogging process? - Bash Harry
Every so often I get a bunch of post ideas and so I end up scribbling down a whole list of ideas and only half of them actually end up as published posts by the time I'm done. Next I take all my photos because I love for my post to be spaced out with pictures, edit them on Picmonkey and write the actual post. You would not believe how many posts I have on draft it's pretty crazy haha!

03. What is your best memory? Stella
Just being younger and being able to run 'wild' with no responsibilities at all.

04. What's your favourite makeup brand? -Amythepug
To be honest I don't really count myself as a beauty blogger so I don't own a massive collection, but out of all of them my favourite would have to be Urban Decay. I just cannot get over all the naked palettes and ahhh the eyeliners! :)

05. What is your favourite pizza topping? - Edye Nicole
A question that involves pizza? Yasssss! My favourite is a goats cheese and spinach one or just classic margarita.

06. What is one product you couldn't live without? - Lauren Powers
Makeup-wise I think I'd have to say eyeshadow, but in terms of skincare I would never be able to let go of all my face scrubs hehe!

07. Who are your favourite Instagramers? - Isobel Bruning
@Hattiee_Amelia, @TessChristinexo and @PoppyDeyes

08. If your life was a movie, what genre would it be? - Acqua
I wish it was something like action or thriller... but let's be real my life would probably just be a comedy!

09. Top 3 must have apps? - Kery H
Instagram, Spotify and VSCO Cam

10. What's the smallest thing that can make you happy? - Souhaila

When other people smile. Like those people that just have those adorable contagious laughs or smiles that can just brighten up your day (Olivia if you're reading this, I mean you!<3 )

11. A random thing you love about London? - Amy Lou

I actually love the tubes and trains! Idk what it is, but it just feels like part of the character of London and it's my fav thing! 

Learn anything new about me? I hope you've all had a lovely week, so sad the weekend is over I've had so much fun... but bring on Monday haha! x

QOTD: What's the smallest thing that can make you happy? 
Souhaila asked this question in the Q and A and I love it!

7 Ways to Become a Morning Person // Collab!

Heyyy lovelies! As it gets to Summer time, I always want to make the most of every day, not wasting those precious non-school hours asleep all day! I've been trying my hardest to become more of a morning person lately and thought I'd share some tips that have helped me to...well, not spend the whole day in bed! And of course there are 7 tips here, because you know me, I love my odd numbers hehe. This post is also a collab with lovely Jane from Marble and Roses, her blog is so beautiful I could go on about it forever, but be sure to check out her post at the end. We have both focused on positivity themed posts and I hope you like them :)

Q and A? | Ask Questions below

-Picture from my Instagram of my lil' baby plants hehe! Currently obsessed with cacti omg-

Hello lovelies! How is your Friday going? I'll probably still be in school by the time this post goes up...maybe in a maths lesson... and all that blehhh but I hope you'll be enjoying your day more than I am right now! 

 Bit of a quick end-of-week post from me today, but I've been dying to do this forever! I'm planning to write a Q and A style post for you all next week, as you all seem to love my more personal/get to know me posts and so I would love for you to comment down a few questions you want answered below. I'll also be asking on Twitter, but I knew most people would be reading straight from my blog, so I thought why not write a quick post here. Comment whatever questions you want and make sure to leave your bloglinks if you have any because I'll be sure to link them if I answer your question.

Love you all, and I'll speak to you soon in *fingers-crossed* a Q and A post on Wednesday!


Raw Dark Chocolate Avocado Pots // Recipe

Hey lovelies! Back with another recipe this week, and yay it's my favourite - a dessert! These little pots of dark chocolate-y goodness are so decadent and rich, with a silky and light texture almost like mouse...I think I'm in love haha! This is a raw recipe too (so no cooking for us lazy people!) and as healthy as chocolate dessert could possibly be, containing all natural sweeteners like dates, and superfoods like chia seeds. Oh and of course I mustn't forget the avocado! Not gonna lie, the thought of eating chocolate and avocado together was definitely scary at first; I had no idea what it was going to taste like, only that I had seen it all over Pintrest and thought I should to give it a go. And what d'ya know? It tastes pretty freaking amazingggg! The avocado in this recipe makes the chocolate pots so beautifully smooth and creamy, and don't worry - amongst all the other ingredients that avo taste is completely un-noticeable (Honest!) Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did eating it haha!

Striped Tees and Dungarees! // Summer OOTD

Hello Lovelies, I'm back with another OOTD! I feel so excited now that I can start calling it a 'Summer' one hehe, now the weather's warming up and summer break is coming I can't wait! It seems I've shot these sorts of posts in all kinds of places (heck the last one I did was on a snowy mountain!) but this ootd is from Broadstairs in the beautiful summer flowers around the castle. I've been so obsessed with dungarees and striped tops lately, so this is probably what you'll find me wearing on an average day, alongside of course my trusty converse!