It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas // Thrifted Lookbook!

Hello lovelies. So lately with Christmas season and everything I've been doing a whole lot of shopping, and that little spending log in my Bullet Journal for this month... well let's just say I've run out of space! Something I bit new though that I'm really into at the moment though, is thrift shopping and I feel like until now I really having taken advantage of living in London and all amazing vintage stores // charity shops // and thrift stores around here. If you're not fussed about second-hand stuff and know the right places to look, thift shopping is great for finding unique vintage clothes or cheap branded clothes that you might never find again, and in this whole trip I only ended up spending £25 for the items I bought! Anyway it's been a while since I've done any style-related posts so I thought I'd throw in a little Winter Lookbook post for you this week, taking you through a day out shopping in Brick Lane last week. a few new pieces I'm obsessed with, and all the festive photos because this is a December Lookbook after all right? I've tried my best to link all the clothes or similar alternatives  in this post, but since they're thrifted I ended up buying these for over half the price they're actually worth!

Christmas Gift-Bundle Giveaway // ENDS 25th DECEMBER!

Hey lovelies! So I've been planning a Christmas Giveaway on my Blog for ages as a kind of thank you and 'Christmas Pressie' to all of you who have kept up with me and Just Morgs this year. It's been a whirlwind of a year but the Christmas Season is my absolute favourite, and it feels crazy to think that it's my 3rd ever Christmas on my blog. In this Giveaway there's a selection of Festive Goodies (listed below) all in a big bundle of beauty / christmas movies / lifestyle and basically just Christmas in a box! All of the items inside have been carefully picked out and the phone case even designed by me (with the help of Caseapp) so I hope you enjoy.

For the chance to win everything in the box just follow the steps below! The giveaway is run on Rafflecopter and ends on the 25 / 12 / 17 for UK ONLY. Also, make sure to follow me on twitter as I will be announcing the giveaway winner on there on the 25th. Good Luck and KEEP CHECKING BACK TO THIS POST FOR EXTRA ENTRIES TOO. 


Mini-Yankee Candle Christmas Set
Batiste Styling Spray
Festive iPhone 5s Case (made by yours truly!)
MUA Eyeshadow Palette
The Grinch Christmas Movie
A Handwritten Christmas Card from me. 


21 Ways to Instantly Feel more Festive!

So I don't know about you but there some years where I am absolutely Christmas-Crazy by even October. Like decorating the whole house, practically hugging the Christmas Tree and 'can someone pass me all those mince pies, please?' But other years, it takes me a little longer to get into the Festive Spirit and I know it's the same for a lot of people too.. so to kickstart December here's a list of all my favourite typical Christmassy Activities and things to tick off. 21 Little things that will instantly make you feel more festive and lift your spirits if you're not excited already! Hope you enjoy my first Christmassy post this year and keep an eye-out for another GIVEAWAY post coming soon on my blog. 

Green-Tea Energy Balls // Pre-Workout Recipe!

Hello lovelies! So you all know already that I love Matcha and so whenever the opportunity comes up to use this vibrant lil' green powder in a recipe I can't help myself, hence this foodie post: GREEN-TEA ENERGY BALLS. 
You might remember my Chocolate Chia Balls post from a while ago where I showed you my favourite recipe for some healthy bite-size treats but while that's more of a dessert kind of one, these Green Tea Energy Balls are specifically for that small burst of healthy energy you need right before a Workout.

Black Friday 2017 // Discounts and Deals you need to know!

Hey lovelies! So I don't know about you but *when it hits Black Friday* NO WAY am I here for the panicked frenzy in the shopping centre... or the crowds of panicked girls trying to get the last set ripped jeans at Primark! No, Instead I'm definitely an online shopper and I feel like in the weeks leading up to Black Friday you can always get more for your money that way than when you're stuck in the middle of a shopping frenzy on a Friday morning. I was originally planning this for closer, well ya know, actual Black Friday (November 4th 2017) but since so many shops are trying to beat each other to it and start their deals early I thought this post was needed now. 

Think of this as your own personal shopping page: filled with all the fun discounts and deals you actually care about (no Amzon Primer deals on vacuum cleaners here!) More like the cute clothes, makeup deals and present-buying that you can treat 'yo self to this Black Friday or just to get ahead on buying Christmas presents with!